Spanish Valencian Country, Spain


Word USED Frequently BY People Under 30

(n.) • (long walk) • Action that requires an effort that we do not want to undertake. Not necessarily linked to walking despite its original sense.

"Dios, aún me quedan veinte páginas, ¡qué pateo!"

"God, there's still twenty more pages, what a long walk!"

French French speaking countries

se prendre un râteau

Expression USED Frequently BY People Under 30

(to take oneself a rake) • Used when you tell someone that you like him/her and (s)he doesn't like you back. When you are the one whose feelings are hurt, you "take yourself a rake". When you are the one who hurts the other person's feelings, you "give a rake" (mettre un râteau).

"Je me suis pris un râteau hier... Je lui ai dit que je l'aimais bien et il m'a répondu : "Désolé, t'es pas mon type"."

"I took myself a rake yesterday... I told him that I liked him and he replied: "Sorry, you're not my type"."

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Dutch Netherlands


Word USED Frequently BY People Under 30

(adj.) • (chill) • Used as an interjection for something that's "nice" or "great", or in a sentence for things you like. Frequently used in combination with the word "echt" (really) and can also be combined with "niet" (not) for something that sucks.

"M'n baas heeft me morgen vrij gegeven" "Chill!"

"My boss gave me the day off tomorrow" "Nice"

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Dutch Netherlands

niet chill

Word USED On Occasion BY People Under 30

(adj.) • (not chill) • Used for something that sucks

"Echt niet chill dat ik nu ook op zaterdagen moet werken"

"Really not chill that I now also have to work on Saturdays"