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Wat is wijsheid?

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Some people

(What is wisdom?) • Used when you are not sure what the right thing to do is.

"Moet ik de nieuwe baan aannemen, of gewoon bij m'n oude blijven?" "Tsja, wat is wijsheid?"

"Should I take the new job or stay at my current one?" "Well, what is wisdom?"

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Dutch Netherlands


Word USED Frequently BY many people

(adverb) • (nottrue) • Used at the end of a sentence to ask for confirmation, like the English use of "right".

"Het is lekker weer vandaag, nietwaar?"

"The weather is great today, nottrue?"

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Dutch Netherlands

oost west, thuis best

Expression USED On Occasion BY some people

(east west, home best) • A way of saying there is no place like home.

"Vakantie is leuk, het is ook wel fijn als het weer voorbij is. Oost west, thuis best."

"Vacation is fun, but it's also nice when it's over. East west, home best."

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED Frequently BY politicians

(noun) • (security of livelihood) • It refers to the an existence with sufficient and predictable income, a home, access to education and care and a buffer for unexpected expenses. It is a big theme in the 2023 Dutch elections.

"Bestaanszekerheid is voor mij dat je inkomen voldoende is om aan de noodzakelijke levensbehoefte te voldoen, zonder in grote stress te raken."

"For me, security of livelihood means that your income is sufficient to meet the necessary necessities of life, without getting into great stress."

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Very Rare Occasion BY older generations

(verb) • (to heaven) • To pass way, to go to heaven.

"Voordat ik ga hemelen wil ik eigenlijk nog wel graag weten wat er precies is gebeurd."

"Before I heaven, I would like to know what exactly happened."

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Occasion BY some people

(noun) • (meat inspection) • A way to describe something that reduces women to their physical appearance.

"Zo'n missverkiezing blijft toch gewoon een vleeskeuring."

"A Miss competition is basically a meat inspection."


Dutch Netherlands

aan het einde van je latijn

Expression USED On Occasion BY some people

(to be at the end of your latin) • To be completely exhausted, done, desperate.

"Ik was volledig aan het eind van mijn Latijn. Lichamelijk en geestelijk was ik op, tot op een punt dat ik de zin van het leven niet meer zag."

"I was completely at the end of my latin. Physically and mentally I was exhausted, to a point where I no longer saw the meaning of life."

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Occasion BY Some People

(adjective) • Used to describe the unpleasant weather when it is cold and windy outside. Sometimes it also includes rain.

"Het is echt weer guur weer buiten."

"The weather outside is really guur."

Dutch Netherlands

koffie verkeerd

Name USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(wrong coffee) • Wrong coffee is a Dutch drink consisting of half milk and half coffee.

"Ik drink graag koffie verkeerd"

"I like to drink wrong coffee"

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED Sometimes BY Some People

(noun) • A phrase that is simple yet contains a truth or piece of wisdom that is printed on traditional wall tiles. These tiles are often white with text and additional imagery in Delft blue, a shade of blue often used in traditional Dutch products.

"Tel wat je hebt, niet wat je mist" "Zo, dat is een mooie tegeltjeswijsheid"

"Count what you have, not what you are missing" "That's a great tile wisdom"

Dutch Netherlands


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY working people

Informal Thursday afternoon drinks with co-workers. Abbreviation of "donderdag" (Thursday), "middag" (afternoon) and "borrel" (informal drinks). Used to be on Friday (vrijmibo) but since more people are working form home on Fridays, it is now often moved to Thursday.

"Werk is klaar, tijd voor de domibo!"

"Work is done, time for the domibo!"

Dutch Netherlands


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Some People

An informal meetup, usually involving alcoholic drinks and snacks, held on Friday afternoon (typically with one's colleagues or friends) at the end of the workweek. Shortened from vrijdagmiddagborrel, taking the initial syllables of its constituent words vrijdagmiddag (“Friday afternoon”) and borrel (“informal meetup or reception involving alcoholic drinks”).

“Zie ik je op de vrijmibo?”

“Will I see you at the vrijmibo?”

Dutch Netherlands

oude koeien uit de sloot halen

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

(to retrieve old cows from the ditch) • To unnecessarily bring up things from the past. It refers to the cadavers of cows that had gotten stuck and died in a ditch. The practice was to leave the body to decay there instead of retrieving it, which was a lot of work with very little benefit.

“Weet je nog toen je die trui van mij had gestolen?” “Hou op met oude koeien uit de sloot halen!”

“Remember when you stole that sweater from me?” “Stop retrieving old cows from the ditch!”

Dutch Netherlands

tweede leg

Expression USED On Occasion BY Parents

(second batch) • Used to describe the children that come much later than their older siblings.

“Thomas en Rosalie studeren nu, en Maya is van de tweede leg, die zit nog op de middelbare school”

“Thomas and Rosalie are both in university, and Maya is from the second batch, she is still in high school”

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Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Occasion BY Some People

(noun) • (life enjoyer) • Someone who knows how to have a good time.

“Jij bent wel echt een levensgenieter, hé?”

“You are a real life enjoyer, aren’t you?”

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Dutch Netherlands

met stomheid geslagen

Expression USED On Occasion BY Most People

(to be hit with stupidity) • To be flabbergasted, but usually in a bad way.

"Ik was met stomheid geslagen toen ik erachter kwam."

"I was hit with stupidity when I found out."

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Rare Occasion BY people who care about climate change

(n.) • (petrol shame) • When you travel by car or plane while knowing it is bad for the environment.

"Met de dalende prijzen van de trein en benzineschaamte nemen steeds minder mensen de auto op vakantie"

"With descending prices for trains and petrol shame, less people are taking the car on vacation."

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Dutch Netherlands

hoog of laag springen

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(jump high or low) • When there is nothing you can do to change something about a situation.

"Je kunt hoog of laag springen, ik ga mijn mening niet veranderen."

"You can jump high or low, but I'm not going to change my mind."

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Dutch Netherlands


Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

(v.) • A verb used for a feeling that is somewhere between being bummed and upset and feeling frustrated, usually about a situation that can not be changed.

"Ik baal er nog steeds van dat mijn bruiloft niet door kon gaan in verband met Corona."

"I am still bummed/frustrated that my wedding couldn't go through because of Corona."

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Dutch | Flemish Flanders, Belgium

Zo zot als een achterdeur

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(As crazy as a back door) • used to refer to someone who is very crazy, or behaving like they are.

"Caligula was zo zot als een achterdeur: hij benoemde zelfs zijn paard tot consul!"

"Caligula was as crazy as a back door: he even made his horse consul!"