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up to speed

Slang USED On Occasion BY Everyone

To be caught up on something.

"Can you bring me up to speed on the current economic situation?"


Hebrew Israel


Expression USED On Occasion BY older women, especially Mizrahi women

(atonement) • A term of endearment by a woman towards a woman. The idea is that the receiver wards off the evil eye.

"?כפרה, את יכולה לתת לי את הסוכר"

"Dear, can you give me the sugar?"

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Hebrew Israel


Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(Oh God! [Arabic]) • Used to tell someone to hurry up, to come do something, or to strengthen an existing hortative. Also used as a colloquial way to say goodbye.

"!יאללה בואו נלך לחנות"

"Come on, let's go to the store!"

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