* an ass

Slovak Slovakia

Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

The buttocks/anus, An abandoned place, A hopeless situation, fun, or a prank.

"Musíme tých politikov nakopať do prdele!" "Tá dedina sa nachádza úplne v prdeli." "Vďaka nášmu šéfovi je firma úplne v prdeli." "To by bola prdel, keby spadol zo stoličky." "Urobil si z nich prdel a nakreslil im fúzy pod nosmi, kým spali."

"We have to kick our politicians to ass!" "That village is located in total ass." "Thanks to our boss the company is in total ass." "It would be ass, if he fell down from the chair." "He made an ass of them and drew a moustache under noses, while they were sleeping."