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Neologism USED Frequently BY Gen Z & Gen Alpha

The term skibidi is a reference to the abomination that is Skibidi Toilet, a 2023 YouTube animated series/meme. The general consensus is that skibidi is an adjective with erratic meaning. Based on the show, it may mean "bad" or "evil".

"That's so skibidi! That's so fanum tax!" "Grow the hell up, boy."

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Neologism USED Very frequently BY tiktok people

To have "rizz" means to be charismatic or romantically attractive.

"damn, that guy has rizz. every girl wants to be with him"


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Neologism USED On Occasion BY Everybody

(world stroller) • People who travel the world, looking for adventures, without a specific destination. Welten means worlds and a bummler somebody who wanders around. 'Bummeln' is to stroll around, or wander around.

"Sie liebt es die Welt zu erkunden. Sie ist eine wahre Weltenbummlerin."

"She loves it the world to explore. She is a true Weltenbummlerin."


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Neologism USED On Rare Occasion BY Young People

(cry-laugh) • The act of laugh about a tragicomic situation or cry and laugh at the same time.

"Eu comecei a chorir porque escorreguei em frente a todos os meus colegas de trabalho."

"I start to cry and laugh because I slipped in front of all my co-workers."



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Neologism USED On Occasion BY Some People

(adj.) • Used to describe a person or situation which reminds the fictional character Fantozzi, that embodies the average employee, constantly subdued by his employer and center of ludicrous (and often unfortunate) situations.

Il suo comportamento ossequioso è a dir poco fantozziano.

His obsequious behaviour is kind of Fantozziano.


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Neologism USED On Rare Occasion BY women

When a field of interest of women is taken over by men, subsequently pushing out the women who were previously there.

"Computer science used to be filled with women until men came in and mentrified the field."

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