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dar virote

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(to do/to use) • The endorsement to start an activity or to use something that someone might have.

"Maje, ¿supiste que Fulano se consiguió una nueva computadora?" "¡Sí, de seguro le va a dar virote todo el día!"

"Dude, did you know Fulano got a new computer?" "Yeah, I'm sure he'll be at it the whole day"



Spanish El Salvador

¡qué chivo!

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It is a way to say something is really cool.

"¡Hoy recibí el correo de que me aceptaron en la universidad!" "!Qué chivo! ¡Felicidades!"

"Today I received an email that I got accepted into college!" "That's so cool! Congratulations!"

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Spanish El Salvador


Word USED Very frequently BY Most People

(adj.) • It describes a nosy person.

"¡Es una conversación privada. No seas meque!"

"This is a private conversation. Don't be meque!"

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Spanish El Salvador

a chuñas

Expression USED Frequently BY Some People

(adj.) • Another way to say barefoot.

"¡No camines a chuñas en la casa o te vas a enfermar!"

"Don't walk a chuñas around the house or you're gonna get sick!"

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Spanish El Salvador

ya vino Elver

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Young People

(Elver came) • Used when it starts raining heavily. Elver is short for "el vergazo de agua", which literally translates to "the water's big cock".

"¡Entrá que ya vino Elver!"

"Get inside because Elver came!"

Spanish El Salvador

me cayó el veinte

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(the twenty fell on me) • It is a way of saying you realized or remembered something.

"Iba a traer a María al colegio, pero después me cayó el veinte de que se iba a quedar en casa de Julia."

"I was going to pick up Maria from school, but then the twenty fell on me that she was staying over Julia's house."

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