* #BagChallenge

Romanian | Moldovan Moldova

Hashtag USED On Occasion BY Everyone

A hashtag created by the supporters of the PAS political party to condemn the actions and behavior of the current ex-president of Moldova, Igor Dodon (2016 - 2020), who organized electoral debates on TV without the participation of his opponent.

"Pe rețelele de socializare a început o adevărată luptă a "kulioacelor" prin intermediul hashtag-ului #kuliokchallenge."

"A real fight of "bags" started on social media through the hashtag #BagChallenge."


* in any case

Russian | Moldovan Moldova

Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Teens

Internet slang abbreviation for "по-любому", meaning "in any case".

"Eu plbm nu înțeleg ce se întâmplă."

"In any case, I don't understand what's going on."

de parcă s-a spânzurat cineva*

* as if someone had been hanged

Romanian | Moldovan Moldova

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

This idiom is used to express surprise when the wind is blowing very hard, especially in autumn or spring.

"Off, Dumnezeule! Ce mai suflă vântul, de parcă s-a spânzurat cineva!"

"Off, my God! How the wind blows, as if someone had been hanged!"




Romanian | Moldovan Moldova

Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) It is used for describing an act of corruption.

Note: The word became popular after a video leaked in which Moldovan President Igor Dodon (2016 - ...) allegedly takes a bag of money from another politician.

"Nu am văzut niciodată un kuliok vorbitor."

"I've never seen a talking bag."



Romanian | Moldovan Moldova

Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) Watermelon

"Niciodată nu am mâncat un harbuz atât de gustos!"

"I've never eaten such a tasty watermelon!

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* girlish

Romanian | Moldovan Moldova

Word USED On Rare Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(n.) Male person with female physical and behavioral characteristics and who prefers the company of women.

"Nu poți înceta să fii un fătălău?"

"Can't you stop being girlish?"

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Romanian | Moldovan Moldova

Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) Cat

"Ce mâță frumoasă!"

"What a beautiful cat!"

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cum spune rusul*

* as the Russian says

Romanian | Moldovan Moldova

Standard Phrase USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It is used in sentences that contain Russian words, expressions, etc.

"Știi... cum spune rusul: лучше поздно, чем никогда."

"You know... as the Russian says: better late than never."


* Pussies

Russian | Moldovan Moldova

Name USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

Russians living in Moldova use this vulgar name to refer to a very poor region in which a person lives.

Note: It used to be a vulgar analogue of the street Petricani in Chisinau, Moldova.

"Ничего не знаешь, как будто живешь в Пиздюшанах!"

"You don't know anything, as if you live in Pussies!"


* thanks

Romanian | Moldovan Moldova

Abbreviation USED In the past BY Almost Everyone

Internet slang abbreviation for "spasibo", meaning "thanks".

Note: It is a Russian word that is often used in the Moldovan dialect.

"Îmi place foarte mult rochia ta!" "Spasibo!"

"I really like your dress!" "Thanks!"