Catalan Catalonia, Spain

la setmana dels tres dijous

Expression USED Frequently BY Older Generations

(the week of three Thursdays) • It is used when talking about something that won’t happen. A second possible ending to the expression is the rhyme "que la dotzena tindrà tretze ous" which means "when in a dozen eggs, there will be thirteen".

"Oí tant! Parlarem dels diners que vols que et deixi la setmana dels tres dijous."

"Yeah, yeah... we’ll talk about lending you money the week of the three Thursdays."


Catalan Catalonia, Spain

bufar i fer ampolles

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Older Generations

(to blow and make bottles) • It is used to reffer to something as being particularly easy to do. Similar to how the expresion "a piece of cake" is used.

"Aquest examen ha sigut com bufar i fer ampolles, aprovo segur!"

"This exam was like blowing and making bottles, I will pass for sure!"

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Catalan Catalonia, Spain

beure's l'enteniment

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(to drink up one's judgement) • To act illogically, in an unexpected or incomprehensible way. To be out of one's mind.

"No tens diners i et vols comprar un cotxe de 30.000€; t'has begut l'enteniment?"

"You don't have money and you want to buy a 30.000€ car, have you drunk up your judgement?"

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Catalan Catalonia, Spain


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(adj.) • (cool) • It is said when something good has happened.

"He aconseguit una beca." "Genial!"

" I got a scholarship." "That’s cool!"

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