Norwegian Norway

snakker om sola

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(talking about the sun) • Used when what or whom one is talking about suddenly and unexpectedly appears while one is talking about it or them. The Norwegian equivalent of 'speak of the devil'. One can say either 'snakker om sola (speak of the sun)' or the full 'snakker om sola, så skinner den (speak of the sun and it'll shine)', although the latter is more rare.

"Snakker om sola, der er den jo!"

"Speak of the sun, there it is!"



Swedish Sweden

när man talar om trollen så står de i farstun

Expression USED In the past BY Some People

(when one speaks about the trolls they’re standing in the hallway) • Used when someone that you’ve recently talked about appears or something that you’ve talked about happens. The Swedish version of “speak of the devil and he shall appear”.

“Chefen och jag bråkade igår. Jag vill verkligen inte träffa henne idag.” *chefen kommer* ”När man talar om trollen...”

”The boss and I had a fight yesterday. I really don’t want to meet her today” *the boss arrives* “When one speaks about the trolls...”

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Italian Italy

Parli del diavolo e spuntano le corna

Proverb USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(You speak of the devil and the corns come out) • When you talk or think of someone and they suddenly appear.

"Hai sentito di Marta? Ah, eccola... Parli del diavolo e spuntano le corna."

"Did you hear about Marta? Oh, there she is... You speak of the devil and the corns come out."

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