* overviewable

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Adjective which means that it allow you to get a good overview at a glance. The closest English translation I ended up finding was "synoptic" but that is very rarely used and not a word most English language learners would understand. The word overzichtelijk is about as ordinary as the word overview in English, but that's not a translation because you need more words to convey the meaning ("allows you to get a good overview" is the translation and "at a glance" the connotation, none of which fit into "overview" if you'd use that word as an adjective). There is also the word "clear" in English, which conveys the meaning that you've got an overview (present tense) but not that the object being talked about has a quality of allowing anyone to quickly attain one. Antonym: onoverzichtelijk, when something is convoluted or perhaps a mess, leading to the inability to easily get a good overview.

"Die oversteek is overzichtelijk, dus ze hebben de fietser zeker niet over het hoofd gezien." "Met de overzichtelijke planner kun je in één oogopslag de planning van je team bekijken en begrijpen." "Wat vind je leuk aan deze kaartstijl?" "Het is heel overzichtelijk. Ik zie moeiteloos hoe de straten zijn ingedeeld.""

"That crossing is overviewable so there is no way they overlooked the cyclist." "The overviewable planner allows you to view and understand your team's schedule at a glance." "What do you like about this map style?" "It's very overviewable. I can effortlessly see how the streets are laid out.""