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Hi! I'm a language teacher and lover. I'm from NY. I speak American English natively. I teach Spanish, French and Italian. Currently, I'm learning Swedish and ASL.

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takes forever

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY everyone

When something is taking a very long time and you want to exaggerate that its been a very long time.

“Why is it taking forever for our food to come out?”

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English NY, United States

hits the spot

Idiom USED Very frequently BY everyone

when something is very satisfying and it's exactly what you needed in that moment. It mostly refers to food especially if you have a craving.

“That ice cream really hit the spot! I've been wanting some all week!”

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English United States

to be beat

Slang USED Frequently BY teens

(v.) • To be beat means you're extremely tired that you need to sleep right now.

"Sorry, man, I'm so beat, I'm not going out tonight, I'm going right to bed!"

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English United States

screw up

Standard Phrase USED Very frequently BY some people

(v.) • Used to express a mistake or an error you made. People use this phrase when they don't want to mess something up or to have something go wrong.

"Take your time, you don't want to screw up!"

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