German Germany


Name USED Frequently BY Everybody

An acronym and simultaneously the name for a juice where cherry (Kirsch) juice is mixed with banana (Banane) juice. It's Ki from Kirsch and Ba from Banane that form KiBa. It's tasty and looks beautiful! First pour the banana juice, then the cherry to get a beautiful juice pattern.

"Ich trinke gerne KiBa."

"I drink gladly KiBa."

English English speaking countries

final girl

Name USED On Occasion BY people who watch movies

(n.) • The final girl is a trope in horror and slasher movies. It refers to the last girl or woman alive to confront the killer, who either defeats him herself or is saved by others arriving.

"I love a good movie with a final girl"

Dutch Netherlands

koffie verkeerd

Name USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(wrong coffee) • Wrong coffee is a Dutch drink consisting of half milk and half coffee.

"Ik drink graag koffie verkeerd"

"I like to drink wrong coffee"


English New Zealand


Name USED Frequently BY University of Otago students

It's used mostly by uni students to describe a particular type or stereotype of students. Typically a partier who likes to drink, probably vape, etc, doesn't lead a particularly healthy lifestyle and is here more for parties than actual uni. Usually laid back, a little messy, enjoys drinking, sociable, and into the student culture.

"He's a typical breatha. Lives for pint night, sesh's and the boys."

English United States


Name USED On Occasion BY Young People

A nickname for someone (typically a male) you either do or don’t know. Endearing, but can also be sarcastic in a confrontational setting. Can be used instead of bro, man, or chief.

“Hey bossman, you need another beer?” “Nah, I’m chillin’.”

“Excuse me, would you like another beer?” “No, I have had enough for now but thanks for asking.”


Italian | Milanese Lombardy, Italy


Name USED On Occasion BY Some People

(little squash) • Word used in the Milanese dialect to refer to a lunchbox carrying food for school/university/work.

"Vieni a mangiare la pizza con noi?" "Andate voi, io mi sono portata la schiscetta".

"We are going out to eat pizza, are you coming with us?" "You guys go, I brought my schiscetta today".

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Filipino Philippines

buwanang dalaw

Name USED Frequently BY Most People

(monthly visit) • It's a nickname for menstruation or a period that refers to it as a monthly "visit".

"Siya ay nanghihina dahil sa kanyang buwanang dalaw."

"She feels weak because of her monthly visit."



Dutch Netherlands


Name USED On Occasion BY Some People

(n.) • (Farawayistan) • A proverbially obscure, far away country. Literally means 'farawayistan', and is used similar to Timbuktu or Outer Mongolia in English.

"Door de Coronacrisis kunnen we voorlopig verre reizen naar Verweggistan wel even vergeten."

"Because of the Corona crisis, we can forget about long journeys to Farawayistan for a while."

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Norwegian Norway

Ola Nordmann

Name USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

The national personification of Norwegians, used the refer to Norwegians collectively or as a whole. Often meaning the average Norwegian, or Norwegians in general.

"Ola Nordmann elsker fjell og fjord."

"Ola Nordmann loves the mountains and the fjords."

Neapolitan | Italian Naples, Italy


Name USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(a ricotta cheese maker) • In Neapolitan, an Italian dialect, we say “ricuttàro” referring to someone that takes advantage of other people/ a slacker. The origin of this term is linked to the fact that ricotta is obtained from the waste of milk processing, therefore it’s a product that is obtained without any effort.

“Non hai ancora sistemato la tua stanza? Si nu’ ricuttàro!”

“Haven't you tidied up your room yet? You’re a slacker!”

Dutch Netherlands


Name USED On Occasion BY Students

A standard Dutch meal of potatoes (aardappelen), meat (vlees) and vegetables (groenten).

"Wil je wat van mijn pasta?" "Nee gast, ik ga vanavond een AVG'tje doen."

"Do you want some of my pasta?" "No dude, I am going to do a little AVG tonight."

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Dutch Netherlands

restaurant de Gouden Bogen

Name USED On Occasion BY students

(n.) • (restaurant the Golden Bows) • McDonalds.

"Gaan we na het afpilsen nog naar restaurant de Gouden Bogen?"

"After the last beer, are we going to the restaurant the Golden Bows?"

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Dutch Netherlands

koffie verkeerd

Name USED On Occasion BY Some People

(wrong coffee) • A coffee that contains 2/3 milk and 1/3 coffee. It is called "wrong coffee" because it contains more milk than coffee.

"Doe mij maar een koffie verkeerd, alstublief."

"I would like a wrong coffee, please."

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Italian Italy


Name USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

Troublemaker. Someone annoying, who is always objecting.

“Lui è proprio un piantagrane.” “Sì, odio lavorare con lui, crea solo problemi.”

“He really is a piantagrane.” “Yes, I hate working with him, he’s always causing problems.”

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Arabic | Lebanese Lebanon


Name USED Very frequently BY Most People

(n.) • It is very often used to replace the term coffee.

"تعا اشرب شفة معنا"

"Come have a shaffé with us."

French France


Name USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) • Slang term for euros. Very old slang word (19th) that used to designate a Franc. The term suffered a decline in use after the changeover to the euro before being used frequently again.

"T’as pas dix balles ?"

"Do you have ten euros ?"

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Norwegian Norway


Name USED On Occasion BY Teens

(n.) • Someone with few or no friends. Can also be used to describe being alone or lonely.

"Er du helt Viggo?"

"Are you totally Viggo?"

Norwegian Norway


Name USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) • Someone who has bad taste, is uneducated, provincial, unsophisticated, but also unpretentious and down to earth. Caravan holidays, tracksuits, and cross-border shopping are typical characteristics. The term “Harry-handel” means shopping across the border in Sweden, usually for cheap alcohol, tobacco, sweets, and meat.

"Det er Harry å røyke."

"Smoking is Harry."

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French France


Name USED Frequently BY Adults

A masculine name which can be used to designate a boyfriend.

"Julien, c'est ton Jules?"

"Is Julian your Jules?"

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Spanish The Internet, Spain


Name USED On Occasion BY Memers

(n.) • Female owner of a cat.

"No, Karen, no quiero whiskas, quiero mi anvorguesa."

"No Karen, I don't want whiskas, I want my 'anvorguesa'."

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