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Slang USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

This word can be used in almost any grammatical form. It works as a noun, like in the phrase "mira esa wea" (look at that thing). It also works as a verb in kind of a compound form, such as "¿me estas webiando?" (are you kidding me?). It can be an adjective, for example "don weas" (this has no translation, but it can be insulting).

"Pásame esa wea y no te webeo más."

"Give that thing and I'll stop bothering you."

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Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It is used to say something is cool.

"Oh, que bacán."

"Oh, how cool."


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Slang USED Frequently BY Everyone

(n.) • An alcoholic drink, beer, cocktails specially when you spend the night out or having a party at home.

"Vamos a tomar un copete y conversamos."

"Let's go for a drink and talk."

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pato malo

Idiom USED Frequently BY Some People

(bad duck ) • Bad person, sometimes is used for vulgars or people who did bad things.

"Are you watching this vulgar? He's a bad duck."

"Estás viendo a ese ladrón? Es un pato malo."

Spanish Chile

se me echó la yegüa

Expression USED On Occasion BY Adults

(the mare fell over me) • Used to express that you are all of a sudden tired and don't feel like doing anything else. Also used when, after having agreed on doing something, you suddenly just don't have the motivation to do it.

"Entonces, ¿vamos a ir al cine como planeamos?" "Oh no, se me echó la yegüa, otro día nomás."

"So, are we going to the movies like we said?" "Ah, nah, the mare fell over me, maybe another day."


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Slang USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) • In Chile, it is used as a very informal alternative for the word dude or friend (amigo) and, depending on the tone, it can also mean 'stupid' among several other meanings.

"Hola weon, cómo estai?"

"Hi dude, how's it going?"

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Word USED On Rare Occasion BY Friends and Family

(n.) • An informal feast in which loads of spaghetti (tallarines) are cooked and those invited bring their own sauces to share.

"¿Te invitaron a la tallarinata? Podrías traer tu famosa salsa de nueces."

"Were you invited to the tallarinata? You could bring your famous walnut sauce"



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Word USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Common way to refer to loose change.

''Juntemos las chauchas pa' comprar cervezas.''

''Let's get all our change together to buy beer.''

Spanish Chile

más frío que el abrazo de una suegra

Expression USED Frequently BY Most People

(colder than a mother-in-law's hug) • Form of expression used when the weather is cold.

''Afuera hace más frío que el abrazo de una suegra.''

''It's colder than a mother-in-law's hug outside.''

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Spanish Chile

chao pescao

Slang USED Frequently BY Some People

(goodbye fish) • It means “goodbye”, we use it when we leave a place. The addition of the animal is because of the rhyme.

"Chao pescao Jorge, nos vemos mañana."

“Goodbye fish Jorge, see you tomorrow."

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