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Interjection USED Frequently BY Especially young people

(metal sheet) • Colloquial way of saying "damn“. Used to express surprise in a sympathetic way, usually as a reaction to some bad news.

"Прикинь, сегодня меня чуть не сбила машина» «Жесть!"

"Guess what, I almost got hit by a car today“ "Metal sheet!“

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и не говори

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Everybody

(and don't even say that) • The phrase is used as emphatic agreement. The meaning is "I knew what you've just said, and I agree with it completely, even without your words, you don't even need to talk me into it"

“В поезде столько народу, не зайти, не выйти.” “И не говори.”

“There are so many people on the train, can't enter, can't exit.” “And don't even say that.”

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Word USED Frequently BY everybody

(in vain) • Standalone, it indicates disapproval of an action someone says to have done, about it being pointless

"Я рассказал ему все" "зря"

"I told him everything" "In vain"



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Slang USED Very frequently BY Teens

(n.) • Direct translation of the English word "meme".

"Я смотрю мем сейчас."

"I am looking at a meme right now."

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голодная как собака

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(hungry like a dog) • When you're really REALLY hungry.

"Ты хочешь есть?" "Да, я голодная как собака!"

"Do you want to eat?" "Yes, I'm as hungry as a dog!"

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Slang USED On Occasion BY Everyone

Slang word for "email".

"Я тебе перешлю это видео по мылу."

"I will send you this video via email."


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Expression USED Frequently BY Young People

(healthy) • This term can have 2 meanings. When it is stressed on the first syllable (ZDOrovo), it means great/awesome/cool. When it is stressed on the second syllable (zdoROvo), it is an informal greeting like 'hi'.

"Саша, здорово!"

"Hi, Alex!"

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Slang USED On Occasion BY Teens

(piece of bread) • When someone wants to nicely and in jokingly manner say that you are a but dumb

"Иногда, у меня такое ощущение, что ты кусочек хлебушка. "

"Sometimes I feel like you are a piece of bread."


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Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(Crêpe) • Would be used the same way as "oh crap" or "damn!" In English, but it's a very soft version of it.

"Блин, я потерял ключи!" [Bleen, ja potierial kliuchee]

"Crêpe! I lost my keys!"

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Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Teens

(in any case) • Internet slang abbreviation for "по-любому", meaning "in any case".

"Eu plbm nu înțeleg ce se întâmplă."

"In any case, I don't understand what's going on."



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наставить рога

Expression USED On Occasion BY Older Generations

(v.) • (to put horns on [somebody]) • To cheat on someone. Depictions of a stag-horned cheated-on man are often in jokes and caricatures relating to cheating.

"Он убил свою жену за то, что она наставила ему рога."

"He has killed his wife because she put horns on him."

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Я/МЫ Тихий Океан

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(I/WE Pacific Ocean) • An expression that became popular on social media in October 2020 after the eco-disaster on Kamchatka in Russia on the Pacific coast.

"Тысячи животных погибли! Спасите Тихий океан! Я/МЫ Тихий Океан"

"Thousands of animals have died! Save the Pacific Ocean! I/WE Pacific Ocean"

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Portmanteau USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(n.) • A contraction of the words "хрущёвка" and "трущеба". It is an unofficial name of type of low-cost apartment building which was developed in the USSR during the early 1960s, during the time of Nikita Khrushchev.

"Мда... живем в какой-то хрущобе. Жду не дождусь переезда."

"Hmm... we live in some kind of khrushcheba. I can't wait to move."




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Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

(n.) • (I'm a mother) • A woman who demonstrates double standards in relation to her child in comparison with others, which often manifests itself, including in the form of justifying the child's bad actions.

"Эта яжмать никак не поймет, что её ребенок невоспитанный."

"This "I'm a mother" will never understand that her child is ill-mannered."

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Sound USED Frequently BY Everyone

The Russian sound for eating.

"Омномном... обожаю жареные картошки."

"Omnomnom... I love fried potatoes."

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Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

(noun) • (n.) It means "bicycle".

"Мне нужно срочно купить велик."

"I urgently need to buy a bicycle."



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Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(adjective) • Equivalent to the English "cool".

"Наконец-то купил себе велосипед." "О, круто."

"I finally bought myself a bicycle." "Wow, cool."

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Hashtag USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(#ChurchIsForTheSisters) • A hashtag created by two Russian girls to draw the church's attention to the case of Hachaturyan sisters, who are at risk of imprisonment after the planned murder of their own father. For a long time, the Hachaturyan sisters were subjected to domestic violence and coercion into sexual acts by their father.

"Церковь должна быть на стороне жертв. #церковьзасестер"

"The church must be on the side of the victims. #ChurchIsForTheSisters"

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Hashtag USED Frequently BY Everyone

(#IDidn'tWantToDie) • A hashtag created by two Russian influencers, Alena Popova and Sasha Mitroshina, to raise awareness about the problem of domestic violence.

"Жертвы должны быть услышаны! #янехотелаумирать"

"Victims must be heard! #IDidn'tWantToDie"

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Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

(pronoun) • (I/WE) • Initially used in 2019 to condemn the unfair detention of a correspondent of the newspaper "Meduza", Ivan Golunov. It became a symbol of solidarity and a meme.

"Я/МЫ - это вся страна."

"I/We are the whole country."

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