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Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone in Turkey

It is an expression you use when you get angry, call someone, pamper children, swear, feel shocked or flabbergasted or confused.

"Lan sen ne kadar büyümüşşün!" "Seni 8 yıldır Murat'la aldatıyorum." "Lan!?" "Hassiktir lan!"

"Lan how much you've grown!" "I've been cheating on you with Murat for 8 years." "Lan!?" "Fuck you lan!"

Turkish Turkey


Expression USED Frequently BY everyone

Confident expression means something along the lines of we'll take care of it. We'll handle it. We'll figure something out. Don't worry. No hurries. Also may contain uncertainty.

"Tamir işi ne olacak?" "Hallederiz."

"What about the repair work?" "We'll handle it."

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Name USED Frequently BY Everybody

(heart) • In the Turkish Dictionary, it is defined as two things. Firstly, as love, desire, thought, remembrance and the source of emotions in the heart, or as a metaphor for wish and desire.

"Gönüllerin birbirine kaynaştığı o günler millî bayramlarımızdan biriydi." - Orhan Seyfi Orhon

"Those days when hearts merged with each other were one of our national holidays."

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kolay gelsin

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everybody

This is said to person when working on a task or working in general. The sayer wishes that the task at hand comes easily to the doer or completed without any difficulties.

Man walking on the street sees a garbage collector pushing the garbage can towards the garbage truck: "Kolay gelsin hemşerim!"

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Word USED Very frequently BY young people

Slang for "penis", sometimes used to refer to an item of bad quality or a surprising find.

"Tavsiye ettiğin yemek yarrak gibiymiş."

"The food you've recommended turned out to be like a dick."

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anasını ağlatmak

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(make his mother cry) • To harass a person by tormenting him a lot. Can also mean to devastate a thing.

"Adamları ağır iş altında çalıştırarak resmen anasını ağlattılar."

"They literally made his mother cry by making the men work hard."

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bu ne perhiz bu ne lahana turşusu

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Some people

(what a diet, what a sauerkraut) • This idiom means to act in a way that contradicts one's own words. It is generally expressed to condemn people whose words and actions do not match.

"Adam dün neler diyordu, şimdi neler yapıyor, bu ne perhiz bu ne lahana turşusu?"

"That guy was saying one thing yesterday, now doing the opposite, what kind of a diet, what kind of a sauerkraut is this?"

Turkish Turkey

kolay gelsin

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everybody

A common Turkish expression used to wish someone ease in their work or task. It's a form of well-wishing, showing empathy and support for someone's effort. It can be used in various contexts, from casual to professional settings, and is often said to someone who is working or about to undertake a task. The phrase embodies the communal and supportive spirit of Turkish culture, where acknowledging and encouraging each other's endeavors is customary.

After paying for their groceries at a busy supermarket, the customer says to the cashier, "Kolay gelsin!" as he leaves.

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eline sağlık

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everybody

Used to express appreciation towards service staff, including but not limited to: cook, waiter, repairman, painter, barber, etc.

"Şefim, çorba çok güzeldi. Eline sağlık."

"Chef, the soup was very good. Health to your hand."

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Hashtag USED On Occasion BY Some People

(#HagiaSophiaIsAMuseum) • A hashtag created to show disapproval of the Turkish government's decision to turn the Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

"Ayasofya milletlerin ve dinlerin ortak buluşma noktasıdır. #AyasofyaMüzedir , mirastır ve korunmalıdır."

"Hagia Sophia is a meeting point of nations and religions. #HagiaSophiaIsAMuseum , a legacy and should be protected. "

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Expression USED Frequently BY Parents

When a dad or mom can’t or don’t want to buy or do something, for example an expensive toy, and they don’t want to refuse it.

“Baba, bunu alalım mı?” “Bakarız, güzel kızım.”

“Dad, shall we get this?” “Maybe, my little.”

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sarı çizmeli Mehmet ağa

Reference USED Frequently BY Usually by older people (age 25+)

(the ağa Mehmet with the yellow boots) • Used for someone who is unknown where he/she lives or where he/she is from. Mehmet is a Turkish name and ağa is an old title that can be translated to landlord/landholder or someone who owns land and/or money.

"İsim yok, bu ne? Sarı çizmeli Mehmet ağa."

"He doesn't have a name, what is this/ what in the world? Is he The ağa Mehmet with the yellow boots?"


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sağlık olsun

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Everyone

(Let there be health) • When the situation is messed up beyond all repair, one can use the phrase given and try to hide their feeling of extreme sadness and inferiority to the aspects that cannot be changed by the one himself. It is highly possible that a well educated contender at the turkish version of the tv show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" will get eliminated at the second or third question and use this phrase to hide their stupidity in a polite manner. The importance of this phrase is that both sides of the conversation are completely aware that the user has nothing logical or acceptable to say- but "Sağlık olsun". Also, the reciever can use the phrase to emotionally support the other person.

"We have lost the elections." "(Sağlık olsun,) We'll get them next time."

"We have lost the elections." "Let there be health, We'll get them next time."


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falan filan

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(such and such) • It is used for things you don't really care about, so you just slide over.

"Ben böyle güzelim, falan filan"

"I'm beautiful like this, such and such"

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aralarından su sızmamak

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(not to leak water between them) • It means that you are a very close friend to another person. You talk a lot with them and get along.

"2 kardeşin arasından su sızmaz, çok iyi anlaşırlar."

"Between the 2 siblings they dont leak water between them, they get along well."



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Abbreviation USED On Occasion BY Teens

(Take care of yourself) • An abbreviation of 'kendine iyi bakIt', it is mostly used before saying goodbye and telling your friend to take care of themselves well. This shows that you care about them.

"Görüşürüz kardeşim, kib." "Sende kib."

"See you later brother/sister, take care of yourself." "You take care of yourself, too."

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yuvarlanıp gidiyoruz

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(we are rolling and going) • It means that you are caught up in the flow of life and you are trying to manage it. It mostly shows monotony.

"Naber?" "İyi, yuvarlanıp gidiyoruz."

"What's up?" "Good, we are rolling and going."