Italian Rome, Italy


Word USED Frequently BY Young People

(adj.) • (beautiful) • It’s a way to say “hello” to your friends in Rome. It can be followed by their name or by “zì” (lit. “uncle”), which means “bro”.

"Bella, zì!" "Bella, Simo!"

"Hello, bro!" "Hello, Simon!"

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Italian | Roman Rome, Italy

fa' er giro de Peppe

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(to take a Peppe's route) • You use it when someone takes a very long route when they could have taken a very shorter one.

"Ci hai fatto fa' er giro de Peppe quando saremmo potuti essere arrivati molto prima."

"You made us take a Peppe's route while we could have arrived way earlier."

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Italian | Roman Rome, Italy

A buffo

Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

(adv.) • (At funny) • You use "a buffo" when you do something randomly, not giving it much thought.

"Mi ha chiamato a buffo."

"He called me at funny."

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