Basque Spain

agur Ben-Hur!

Expression USED Frequently BY Everybody

(goodbye yogurt) • It's a salutation rhyme.

"Bihar arte!" "Agur Ben-Hur!"

"See you tomorrow!" "Goodbye, Ben-Hur/yogurt!"


Swedish Sweden

tack och hej, leverpastej

Expression USED On Occasion BY Young People

(thanks and bye, liver paste) • Used as a fun way of saying “goodbye”. The Swedish version of “see you later, alligator”. Liver paste can be used as a spread on the traditional Swedish crispy bread. It was used in a famous Swedish children’s book.

"Det var allt för idag. Tack och hej, leverpastej!"

"That was all for today. Thanks and bye, liver paste!"

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Dutch Netherlands

aju paraplu

Expression USED On Very Rare Occasion BY Some People

(goodbye umbrella) • Way of saying goodbye in a rhyming way. It was popularized in the 20th century by TV presenter Peter Knegjens, and although widely known it isn't used very often.

"Ik ga nu, aju paraplu!"

"I am going now, bye umbrella!"

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Afrikaans South Africa

Koebaai Meraai

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Some People

(Goodbye Meraai) • Meraai is a name often associated with the Cape coloured community of South Africa. It is especially used in jokes and funny stories. Koebaai is an Afrikaansified term for the English goodbye. These two terms rhyme which gives this phrase a playful connotation.

“Koebaai Meraai.”

“Goodbye Meraai.”


Italian Italy

ciao a tutti, belli e brutti

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(bye everyone, the pretty ones and the ugly ones) • It is a rhyme expression used to greet a group of people. It is similar to "See you later, alligator" but it can be used both when you arrive and when you leave.

"Io vado. Ciao a tutti, belli e brutti."

"I'll go. Bye everyone, the pretty ones and the ugly ones."

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Spanish Spanish speaking countries

chao pescao

Slang USED Frequently BY Young people

(goodbye fish) • Similar to the English "see you later alligator", it's a colloquial expression used with friends to say goodbye in a funny, rhyming way.

"Nos vemos el martes, ¡chao pescao!"

"See you on Tuesday, goodbye fish!"


French France

à plus dans le bus

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(see you later in the bus ) • It's a rhyme to say goodbye - à plus (see you) dans le bus (in the bus).

"Salut!" "À plus dans le bus!"

"Bye!" "See you later in the bus!"

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