Spanish Spain

está lloviendo a mares

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(it is raining seas) • It is raining heavily.

"Voy a la tienda." "Asegúrate de llevar un paraguas, está lloviendo a mares."

"I'm going to the corner shop." "Make sure you take an umbrella, it is raining seas."

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Spanish Guatemala


Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

(adj.) • Nosy.

"Es una plática privada, no seas shute."

"It's a private conversation, don't be nosy."




Spanish Argentina

mucha mierda

Expression USED On Occasion BY Actors or musicians

(a lot of shit) • Wishing someone good luck. It's typically used by actors or musicians before a performance. Saying "good luck" before a show is considered bad luck.

"La función empieza en cinco minutos." "¡Mucha mierda!"

“The show starts in five minutes.” “A lot of shit!”

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Spanish Colombia

dar papaya

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(to give papaya) • Used to suggest someone’s misfortune is their own fault. That they've asked for it.

"Lo robaron por dar papaya."

"He was robbed because he gave papaya."

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Spanish | European Spanish Spain

no es moco de pavo

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(it’s not turkey snot) • Something that is not easy to perform.

"Acabo de correr 30 kilómetros, que no es moco de pavo."

"I’ve just run 30k, which is no turkey snot."

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Spanish Mexico


Word USED Very frequently BY Young People

To tear off, cut carelessly or amputate.

"¿Tienes alguna idea de cómo reducir la delincuencia?" "¡Tenemos que mocharle las manos a los ladrones!"

"Do you have any ideas on how to reduce crime?" "We have to cut off thieves hands!"

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Spanish West, Mexico

cargar a manchis

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young People

To carry someone on the back. Piggyback ride.

"Lucía se torció el tobillo y tuve que cargarla a manchis durante todo el recorrido por el museo."

"Lucía sprained her ankle and I had to carry her on my back for the entire tour of the museum."

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Spanish Honduras

Está yuca

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

When something is hard to do.

"Está yuca realizar la tarea, no le entiendo. "

"It's not easy to do this, I don't understand it."

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Spanish Mexico

No es enchílame esta

Reference USED On Rare Occasion BY Guetho

(It's not enchiladas ) • Life is not easy.

"No son enchiladas. Tendrás que aplicarte más."

"Those aren't enchiladas. You're gonna have to make an effort."


Spanish Argentina

no es soplar y hacer botellas

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(it isn't blowing and making bottles) • It means that something isn't easy.

"Acabamos de poner un local pero no nos está yendo tan bien." "Bueno, no es soplar y hacer botellas. ¿Qué pretendías?"

"We just opened a store but we're not doing so well." "Well, it isn't blowing and making bottles, what did you expect?"

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Spanish Spain

en pelotas

Expression USED On Occasion BY Adults

(in balls) • With one's testicles out, i.e. naked.

"Abrígate, que viene la vecina. Que no te pille en pelotas."

"Cover up, the neighbor is coming. She better not see you in balls."

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Spanish Lima, Peru


Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

(n.) • (paw) • Used to say my friend/buddy or to refer to a guy, but always used in 3rd person.

"Mañana mi pata hará una fiesta por su cumpleaños." "Mi hermano conoce un pata que te puede ayudar."

"Tomorrow, my paw is going to throw a party for his birthday." "My brother knows a paw who can help you."


Spanish Buenos Aires, Argentina

hola bella

Expression USED Frequently BY Young People

(hi beautiful) • It's a way of saying hello to a close friend.

"Hola bella! Hacemos videollamada hoy un ratito?"

"Hi beautiful! Wanna make a videocall today for a while?"

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Spanish Honduras


Expression USED On Occasion BY Gen Y'ers

(n.) • Used mostly by Gen X and Gen Y to refer to a friend.

"Vamos a tener una reunión, hace tiempo no veo a mis aleros"

"We're having a reunion, haven't seen my aleros in a while"

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