French Wallonia, Belgium

il n'y a pas un chat

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(there isn't a cat) • The place is so empty there's no one there, not even a cat.

"J'ai été visiter un village fantôme, il n'y avait pas un chat!"

"I visited a ghost town, there wasn't even a cat!"

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Dutch Netherlands and Belgium

aan de slag

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(on the battle) • Phrase used to encourage others to start something that needs to be done.

"Oké jongens, aan de slag! We hebben niet veel tijd meer."

"Okay guys, let's get to work! We don't have much time left."


Dutch | Gents Gent, Belgium

vree wijs

Word USED Frequently BY People from Ghent

(adj.) • (very wise) • Used to describe something that is fun, cool, nice.

“Het feestje van gisteren was vree wijs!“

“The party yesterday was very wise!”

Dutch | Flemish Flanders, Belgium

te veel van het goede

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(too much of the good) • When there’s such an excessive amount of something you normally like, it’s no longer enjoyable.

"Chocomelk én brownies, da’s te veel van het goede."

"Chocolate milk AND brownies, that’s too much of the good."

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French Belgium

a tantôt

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Everyone

See you later.

"Je vais y aller maintenant, à tantôt!"

"I'm going now, see you later!"

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French Belgium

trop bien!

Interjection USED Frequently BY Young People

(so good!) • Used to say that something is cool.

"Je viens de gagner un voyage!" "Oh, trop bien!"

"I've just won a trip!" "That's so cool!"

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Dutch | Aalst Belgium

het leven is een soep

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Older Generations

(life is a soup) • Life is not easy.

"Het leven is een soep, al die miserie toch."

"Life is a soup, all these troubles."

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