Serbian Serbia


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everybody

It's used to emphasize something or warn someone not to do something.

"Gde si, bre? Kako si?" [emphasis] "Ej, bre, ne diraj to!" [warning]



Indonesian Indonesia


Slang USED Frequently BY Everybody, usually young ones.

(dog) • Derivative of the word "anjing," which translates as Dog and is used as a refined way of speaking "anjing", a word that is considered foul language in local media. It's a word to express both positive and negative emotions such as happiness, shock, sadness, rage, etc.

"Bukan seperti itu caranya anjir." "Gua dapet nilai 98 cuy." "Anjir kok bisa, nilai gua cuman 56."

"That's not how you do it you idiot." "Yo I got 98 on my test." "Bro how, I only got 56 on my test."

English United States


Slang USED Very frequently BY Gen Z

Can be used as an exclamation, expressing shock, typically in reaction to seeing a large butt, most likely an abbreviation of "God damn", or as a noun, for a woman who is voluptuous and has a large butt.

"Gyatt!" "Hey man, that's my mom."


Portuguese Brazil

cabra de sorte

Slang USED Frequently BY Some people

(goat of luck) • The word 'cabra' is actually in play here, as in some places in Brazil people use it to describe 'person' or 'man'... so 'cabra de sorte' means a lucky person.

"Marcos é um cabra de sorte, ele ganhou $ 500 numa raspadinha de loteria outro dia!"

"Marcos is a goat of luck, he won $500 on a lottery scratch-off the other day!"



Romanian Romania and Moldova


Slang USED In the past BY Everyone

(interjection) • Equivalent to the English "hello".

"Sall! Ce mai faci? Demult nu ne-am văzut."

"Hello! How are you? Long time no see."

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Spanish Paraguay


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(interjection) • An informal way to greet friends, it means “hello” but so much more informal and cute than regular "hola".

“Holis, ¿qué tal?“

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Spanish Uruguay


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everybody

It is generally used to attract someone's attention in a non-cordial way, mainly used in talking.

"Hey, what do you do to get more points?"

"Bo, ¿que hacés para tener más puntos?"


Spanish | Gaditano Cadiz, Spain


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everybody

There is two ways to explain "Bastinazo", one definition will be the standard one and most commonly used for people out of Cadiz (Andalucia): When you want to define something huge or big. It also applies to situations that occur out of the commonplace. Something unusual. The second way it would be more commonly used as a joke, but it defines very well the context of the Cadiz humor: First you hold the penis with one hand, then with the other hand you hold it as well and the rest of the penis that you can't hold, that is a "bastinazo". *In some areas out of Cadiz, people use it also replacing the letter "z" by "s", keeping the same meaning but writing it as "Bastinaso".

"Mi madre se ha comprado una bicicleta de 4 metros de largo que le ha costado 20.000 euros." "En serio? Que bastinazo!"

"My mother has bought a 4-meter-long bicycle that cost her 20,000 euros." "Really? What a bastinazo!"


Hebrew Israel


Slang USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(adj.) • (thieving) • Cool, excellent and special

" לכתוב ערך לגבי המילה מגניב זה לא מאוד מגניב"

"Writing an entery about the word cool is not very cool"

Portuguese Brazil


Slang USED Frequently BY Young people

(it has Fridayed) • The expression transforms the noun "Friday" ("sexta-feira") into a verb (conjugated in the past, meaning "it has Fridayed"). It is used to mean "the weekend is here", or "let's start the weekend".

"Sextou? Vamos no bar tomar uma cerveja?"

"Has it Fridayed? Shall we go to the pub have a beer?"

German Germany


Slang USED On Occasion BY Middle aged folks

To fail at something, to screw something up, to lose something, or to screw someone over.

"Ich wollte die Zündkerzen tauschen, aber ich habe es verömmelt."

"I wanted to change the spark plugs but I messed it up."

Serbian Kordun, Croatia


Slang USED In the past BY Everybody

Slang for 'testicle'.

"Bole me stucke!"

"My balls hurt!"

Serbian Kordun, Croatia


Slang USED In the past BY Everybody

Slang for a woolen blanket.

"Napravila sam novi biljac i sada udobna sam."

"I made a new blanket and now I'm comfortable."

Spanish Mexico


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(adjective) • (raw) • It´s the Mexican version of "hangover" in English.

"Estoy bien pedo. Mañana estaré muy crudo."

"I am so drunk. I am going to be raw tomorrow."

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Italian Italy

che figata

Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

(phrase) • This is used to describe something that is really cool or surprising. "Figata" comes from the word "figa", which is the explicit term for vagina.

"L'anno prossimo vado ai Caraibi." "Che figata!"

"Next year I am going to the Caribbean." "So cool!"

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English Canada


Slang USED On Rare Occasion BY Some people

A noun to be used in place of "thing"

"I forget what it's called, but pass me that chummy"

English Australia


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It is a time of day. Short for afternoon

"This arvo I will pick up the kids from school "

English Canada


Slang USED Frequently BY Canadians

(n.) • Common way to drink coffee in Canada. 2 cream and 2 sugar.

“Hi, can I order a double-double please?”

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Hebrew Israel


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everybody

A hurrying word, like "let's go" or "come on", but sometimes used as a general exclamation of annoyance. Rooted in the Arabic exclamation "Ya Allah".

"יאללה נו, צריך לזוז!" "נו יאללה, שחרר אותי"

"Yallah, [we] gotta go!" "Yallah, let me go."


English New Mexico, USA


Slang USED On Rare Occasion BY Skaters, locals

It is usually used when you get caught doing something and/or hear about gossip. Skaters use it when someone gets caught by the cops. Locals use it as a reaction to gossip.

*after hearing about a skater friend getting caught by the cops* "Umbers, you got caught by the cops." *after hearing some gossip* "Umbers!"