French French speaking countries

le trou du cul du monde

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(the asshole of the world) • Used to talk about a very remote place. The middle of nowhere.

"La ville la plus proche est à 20 kilomètres, c'est le trou du cul du monde."

"The closest town is 20 kilometres from here. It's the asshole of the world."


English Canada

fits like a gunny sack

Expression USED Frequently BY Some People

Expression used to describe how poorly a garment fits to the body of the person wearing it.

"What do you think of my dress?" "Sorry but it fits like a gunny sack."

Spanish Spain

estar hasta las narices

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(to be up the nose) • It refers to when you are fed up or sick to death of something.

“Estoy hasta las narices de este trabajo.”

“I’m up the nose with this job.”

Confirmed by 2 people

Italian Italy

né carne né pesce

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(neither meat nor fish) • Used to say that someone has no personality.

"Marco non prende mai posizione, non è né carne né pesce."

"Marco never takes sides, he is neither meat nor fish."

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English Canada

fits like a glove

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

It is a standard and frequently used way to say that something fits extremely well.

"That's a beautiful jacket and it fits him like a glove."

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French Québec (Canada)


Slang USED Frequently BY Everybody

Used to describe something that is very cold. Mostly used to talk about the weather, but can also be used to talk about anything that is very cold. It is a variation of the word "froid", which means cold. But, since Québec and Canada are very up north, "froid" was not cold enough, hence came another level of cold: "frette". This expression can be transformed in other expressions, like "tite frette", which translates to "a cold one", meaning a beer.

"Wow, il fait tellement froid ici." "Il fait pas froid, il fait frette." "Wow, c'est vraiment de l'eau frette."

"Wow, it is so cold here." "It is not cold, it is frette." "Wow, this is really frette water."


Dutch Netherlands

iets door de vingers zien

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(seeing something through the fingers) • Allowing something when you shouldn't. It's about pretending not to see something, when you actually do see it: covering your eyes but actually looking through your fingers.

"Mark heeft zijn huiswerk niet gemaakt, maar ik zie het door de vingers omdat hij het al zo druk heeft."

"Mark didn't do his homework, but I'll see it through the fingers as he's already so busy."

Confirmed by 4 people

Italian Italy

fuori di melone

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(out of melon) • To be out of your mind; the melon here is used as a reference to a person's head.

"Lisa, perché vai in giro da sola di notte, sei fuori di melone?"

"Lisa, why are you walking alone at night, are you out of melon?"

Confirmed by 2 people

Italian Italy

fare il passo più lungo della gamba

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(to take a step longer than your leg) • Used to say that someone should take it slow instead of doing things that are out of their league.

"Ci vuole tempo per raggiungere quell'obiettivo: non fare il passo più lungo della gamba."

"It takes time to achieve that goal - don't take a step longer than your leg."

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Slovak Slovakia

vylez mi na hrb

Idiom USED Frequently BY Some People

(climb on my humpback) • "vylez mi na hrb" means "f*** you/piss off/i don't care..."

"Nevyniesol si smeti...Zase!" "Vylez mi na hrb!"

"You did not take out the trash...Again!" "Climb on my humpback!"


Slovak Slovakia

neťahaj ma za nos

Idiom USED Frequently BY Most People

(don't pull my nose) • "neťahaj ma za nos" means "don't mess with me/don't lie to me"

"Chlapci nemajú radi keď ich dievčatá ťahajú za nos"

"Boys don't like when girls pull their noses"



Slovak Slovakia

mám toho plné zuby

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(my teeth are full of it) • "mám toho plné zuby" means "I'm sick of it"

"Správaš sa ku mne ako k dieťaťu" "Mám toho plné zuby!"

"You treat me like a child." "My teeth are full of it!"

English Trinidad and Tobago


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

To lime means to hang out.

"We were liming at the mall yesterday."

Italian Italy

non avere fegato

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(to not have liver) • This expression is used when someone shows fear and it simply means to be afraid of something.

"Martina non si tufferebbe mai da quella roccia: non ha fegato!" "Ci vuole fegato per tuffarsi da quella roccia!"

"Martina would never dive from that rock: she has no liver! "It takes liver to dive from that rock!"

Confirmed by 2 people

Italian Italy

rigirare la frittata

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(to flip the omelette) • Used when who is guilty of something tries to push accusations back on who is accusing them.

"Mi hai tradito!" "Solo perché tu non mi davi attenzioni!" "Non rigirare la frittata, è colpa tua!"

"You cheated on me!" "Just because you weren't giving me attention!" "Don't flip the omelette, it's your fault!"

Confirmed by 2 people

French France

Ça rentre comme papa dans maman.

Expression USED Frequently BY Young and middle-aged people

(It fits like daddy in mommy.) • To fit like a glove.

"- T'as pu rentrer la voiture dans le garage ? - Ouais, elle est rentrée comme papa dans maman."

"- Did the car fit in the garage? - Yeah, it fits like daddy in mommy."

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Portuguese Minas Gerais, Brazil


Slang USED Frequently BY Some People

(train) • Literally means "train", but is used as "thing", "stuff"

"Ê trem bom!"

"What a nice train!"

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Dutch Netherlands


Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

(done looking) • To no longer be interested in something. Doesn't have to be a visual thing.

"Ik ben inmiddels wel een beetje uitgekeken op al die nieuwe smaken koffie bij Starbucks."

"I am kind of done looking at all those new flavours of coffee at Starbucks."

Confirmed by 3 people

Polish Poland

zrobić coś na kolanie

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(to do something on a knee) • To do something the very last minute, without much care, messily.

"Jak zwykle robisz pracę domową na kolanie!"

"As always, you’re doing your homework on a knee!"


Spanish | Cucuteño Norte de Santander, Colombia


Expression USED Frequently BY People from the border between Colombia and Venezuela

It's a expression you use when someone does or says something dumb. It's also the name of a famous bird of the region.

“Ella pensó que Nueva York es la capital de Canadá, qué toche."

“She thought that New York is the capital of Canada, what a toche."