Turkish Turkey


Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone in Turkey

It is an expression you use when you get angry, call someone, pamper children, swear, feel shocked or flabbergasted or confused.

"Lan sen ne kadar büyümüşşün!" "Seni 8 yıldır Murat'la aldatıyorum." "Lan!?" "Hassiktir lan!"

"Lan how much you've grown!" "I've been cheating on you with Murat for 8 years." "Lan!?" "Fuck you lan!"

Dutch Netherlands

studieontwijkend gedrag

Expression USED Very frequently BY Students

(study avoiding behavior) • Anything you do when you really should be studying.

“Ik heb tijdens mijn studieontwijkend gedrag Swahili geleerd”

“During my study avoiding behavior I learned Swahili”

Turkish Turkey

kolay gelsin

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everybody

This is said to person when working on a task or working in general. The sayer wishes that the task at hand comes easily to the doer or completed without any difficulties.

Man walking on the street sees a garbage collector pushing the garbage can towards the garbage truck: "Kolay gelsin hemşerim!"


Spanish Paraguay


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(interjection) • An informal way to greet friends, it means “hello” but so much more informal and cute than regular "hola".

“Holis, ¿qué tal?“

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Turkish Turkey


Word USED Very frequently BY young people

Slang for "penis", sometimes used to refer to an item of bad quality or a surprising find.

"Tavsiye ettiğin yemek yarrak gibiymiş."

"The food you've recommended turned out to be like a dick."

English United States


Neologism USED Very frequently BY tiktok people

To have "rizz" means to be charismatic or romantically attractive.

"damn, that guy has rizz. every girl wants to be with him"

Spanish Uruguay


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everybody

It is generally used to attract someone's attention in a non-cordial way, mainly used in talking.

"Hey, what do you do to get more points?"

"Bo, ¿que hacés para tener más puntos?"


Spanish | Gaditano Cadiz, Spain


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everybody

There is two ways to explain "Bastinazo", one definition will be the standard one and most commonly used for people out of Cadiz (Andalucia): When you want to define something huge or big. It also applies to situations that occur out of the commonplace. Something unusual. The second way it would be more commonly used as a joke, but it defines very well the context of the Cadiz humor: First you hold the penis with one hand, then with the other hand you hold it as well and the rest of the penis that you can't hold, that is a "bastinazo". *In some areas out of Cadiz, people use it also replacing the letter "z" by "s", keeping the same meaning but writing it as "Bastinaso".

"Mi madre se ha comprado una bicicleta de 4 metros de largo que le ha costado 20.000 euros." "En serio? Que bastinazo!"

"My mother has bought a 4-meter-long bicycle that cost her 20,000 euros." "Really? What a bastinazo!"

German Germany, Switzerland, Austria


Word USED Very frequently BY everybody

It means "No, you are wrong and I am right" in one word.

"Hier darf man nicht schneller als 50 Meilen fahren!“ "Doch!"

"You cannot drive faster than 50 miles here!" "Yes, you can!"

German Germany


Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

Means something is very low quality.

"This password is 0815"

Ukrainian Ukraine


Expression USED Very frequently BY Everybody

This is the common informal expression showing a state of being surprised, amazed, or overwhelmed by something. Often used to express astonishment or disbelief.

"Трясця, ти знов не вимкнув світло?"

"No way! Seriously? "

Catalan Spain

Déu n'hi do

Interjection USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(God gives it) • A Jack-of-all-trades to express admiration, surprise or importance, usually in situations where one wants to stress something happened above average, or one perceived it as such.

"Déu n'hi do com va ploure ahir" "Tens gana? Déu n'hi do!" "Déu n'hi do la cua que hi ha per comprar el nou Iphone"

"God gives it it rained yesterday" "Are you hungry? God gives it!" "God gives it there is a queue to buy the new iPhone"

Lezgian Russia


Word USED Very frequently BY Everybody

Used when addressing another man.

"Яда вуна вуч зава?"

"Hey, man, what are you doing?"

Spanish Mexico


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(adjective) • (raw) • It´s the Mexican version of "hangover" in English.

"Estoy bien pedo. Mañana estaré muy crudo."

"I am so drunk. I am going to be raw tomorrow."

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English Australia


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It is a time of day. Short for afternoon

"This arvo I will pick up the kids from school "


Hebrew Israel


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everybody

A hurrying word, like "let's go" or "come on", but sometimes used as a general exclamation of annoyance. Rooted in the Arabic exclamation "Ya Allah".

"יאללה נו, צריך לזוז!" "נו יאללה, שחרר אותי"

"Yallah, [we] gotta go!" "Yallah, let me go."

Turkish Turkey

kolay gelsin

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everybody

A common Turkish expression used to wish someone ease in their work or task. It's a form of well-wishing, showing empathy and support for someone's effort. It can be used in various contexts, from casual to professional settings, and is often said to someone who is working or about to undertake a task. The phrase embodies the communal and supportive spirit of Turkish culture, where acknowledging and encouraging each other's endeavors is customary.

After paying for their groceries at a busy supermarket, the customer says to the cashier, "Kolay gelsin!" as he leaves.

Turkish Turkey

eline sağlık

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everybody

Used to express appreciation towards service staff, including but not limited to: cook, waiter, repairman, painter, barber, etc.

"Şefim, çorba çok güzeldi. Eline sağlık."

"Chef, the soup was very good. Health to your hand."

English Cork City, Ireland


Slang USED Very frequently BY Mostly men

Means penis but mostly used as meaning idiot, fool, or not a nice person. Langers means drunk. Langerated also drunk. A langerload means a huge quantity or number.

"Don't mind that Murphy fellow. He's an awful, fierce, desperate langer." "Peter had a langerload of pints and was totally langers."

Spanish Chile


Slang USED Very frequently BY Everybody, mother to child, romantic partners

Nanai could be understood as the act of caressing someone who you love, either to make them feel better, or just because you love them and want to show your love.

"Te hago nanai para que te sientas mejor "

"I’ll do you nanai you so you’ll feel better"