Dopo sette fette, ha capito che era polenta*

* After seven slices, s/he realized it was polenta

Italian Lombardy and Tessin, Italy and Switzerland

Proverb USED On Rare Occasion BY Mostly old people

Used to describe someone who realizes something obvious, especially after doing the same thing in a more long or difficult way for a long time.

Note: In the past, polenta was the main meal for people living in the Northern Italian countryside, so everyone knew how it tasted and it was impossibile not to recognize that you were eating it. The number of slices of polenta may vary basing on the area.

"Ieri mio fratello ha scoperto che può sbloccare il suo telefono con l'impronta digitale." "Beh, dopo sette fette ha capito che era polenta!"

"Yesterday my brother discovered he can unlock his phone with his fingerprint." "Well, after seven slices he realized it was polenta!"

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scoprire l'acqua calda*

* to discover warm water

Italian Italy

Expression USED On Occasion BY Adults

It means to discover something obvious, maybe even with lots of thought and/or effort.

"I gatti che hanno il pelo tricolore sono solo femmine! Wow!" "Ma va? Hai scoperto l'acqua calda!"

"Tricolor cats are only female! Wow!" "Oh really? You discovered warm water!"

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Grazie al cazzo!*

* Thanks to the dick!

Italian Italy

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

It is used when someone makes a remark or provides information that was totally obvious in the first place.

“Abbiamo pagato due caffè 20 euro!” “Grazie al cazzo, siamo a Venezia!”

“We just paid 20 euros for two coffees!” “Thanks to the dick, we’re in Venice!”

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¡Chocolate por la noticia!*

* Chocolate for the news!

Spanish Argentina

Expression USED Very frequently BY Adults

When someone makes an announcement thinking that it's new information, but it isn't.

"Resulta que Laura está saliendo con Marcos." "¡Chocolate por la noticia!"

"Turns out Laura is dating Marcos." "Chocolate for the news!"

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