erdbeerwoche *

* strawberry week

German Germany

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Young people who menstruate

To have one’s ‘strawberry week’ means that one is currently menstruating.

“Ich möchte heute nicht mitkommen, mir geht’s heute nicht so gut.” “Oh, was ist los?” “Erdbeerwoche.”

“I don’t want to come with today, I’m not feeling well.” “Oh, what’s up?” “Strawberry week.”



English English speaking countries

Neologism USED On Rare Occasion BY women

When a field of interest of women is taken over by men, subsequently pushing out the women who were previously there.

"Computer science used to be filled with women until men came in and mentrified the field."

ho le mie cose*

* I have my things

Italian Italy

Expression USED Very frequently BY Women

It litterally means 'I have my things' and it refers to the menstrual period.

"Lasciami stare che ho le mie cose."

"Let me be, I have my things."

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car crash underwear

English United Kingdom

Expression USED On Very Rare Occasion BY women

The kind of underwear women are supposed to wear, just in case you end up in a car crash.

"I don't want to show you my underwear, cos obviously I haven't got my car crash underwear on."


es un mango*

* he's a mango

Spanish Guatemala

Expression USED Frequently BY Women

In Guatemala we say "he's a mango" to a man who is really handsome.

"mira ese muchacho, es un mango."

"Look at that guy, he's a mango."

Bless your heart

English South East, United States

Expression USED Frequently BY Mostly women in the Southern USA

To someone from outside it sounds like a compliment but it is really a polite way to say “you’re an idiot”. Can also be used at the end of a rude sentence to try to end the sentence on a “positive” note.

“Someone called saying I won a cruise and all I have to do is give them my bank information! Time for a trip!” “Oh honey, bless your heart”.


Spanish | Río de La Plata Argentina

Word USED On Occasion BY Mostly opponents of the current Argentinian government

(n.) Blend of infección + dictadura, used by Argentinians who believe the current government is not using quarantine as a way to prevent the spread of corona virus but as a means to perpetuate their power.

"La Argentina vive una infectadura."

"Argentina is living an Infectadura."

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krijg nou tieten*

* get tits now

Dutch Netherlands

Expression USED On Occasion BY male students, men, everyone

(interj.) Expression of surprise, sort of like the English OMG.

"Vliegende man in een jetpack gezien door piloten in Amerika? Krijg nou tieten; dat kan niet, joh."

"Man flying using a jet pack seen by American pilots? Grow some tits; that's impossible, man!"

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* atonement

Hebrew Israel

Expression USED On Occasion BY older women, especially Mizrahi women

A term of endearment by a woman towards a woman. The idea is that the receiver wards off the evil eye.

"?כפרה, את יכולה לתת לי את הסוכר"

"Dear, can you give me the sugar?"

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