Polish Poland


Reference USED On Occasion BY Edgy teens

Time of death of Polish Pope John Paul II. Used mostly just to be edgy.

Hour hits 21:37 (9:37 pm), edgy teens on discord: "2137!!!!!" proceeded with a lot of gifs with Pope.

English United States

I can't breathe

Reference USED Very frequently BY People fighting for justice

A phrase used in connection to the recent murder of George Floyd, a black man who died on May 25th, 2020 after a police officer in Minneapolis pinned him down by kneeling on his neck for nearly eight minutes. During the incident, which was captured on video, Floyd can be heard repeatedly saying "I can't breathe."


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English United States

We're gonna need a bigger boat

Reference USED Rarely BY Some people

Reference to the 1975 shark movie Jaws. Is used when current resources aren't enough to handle the situation that is about to come.

"I heard more than 100 people are coming to the party tonight" "Damn, we're gonna need a bigger boat"

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Spanish Puerto Rico

la jeva

Reference USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

La jeva is the girlfriend. Puertorricans use “la jeva” to refer a girlfriend who is not formally introduced to the family yet.

"Voy al cine con la jeva."

"I'm going to the movies with my girlfriend."



Moroccan Darija Morocco

Haq Sh'har

Reference USED On Occasion BY Older Generations

(the right of the month) • Euphemism for menstruation.

"Jaha Haq Sh'har mskina."

"Poor thing, she's on her period."


Dutch Belgium


Reference USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

A name for an obscure, far away country in your language.

"Ik weet niet exact waar deze gebeurtenis plaatsvond, ergens in Verwegistan."

"I don't know exactly where this event happened, somewhere in Verwegistan"

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Portuguese Brazil

de Taubaté

Reference USED Frequently BY Young people

(from Taubaté) • Taubaté is a Brazilian town, famous for being home to the Grávida de Taubaté (Pregnant Woman from Taubaté) who made it to mainstream media saying that she was pregnant with quadruplets. After receiving multiple donations, it was discovered that it was a fake pregnancy. From then on, we say that something is from Taubaté when it is fake.

"Eu admiro muito a fulana, ela é uma ótima advogada." "Você sabe que o diploma dela é de Taubaté, né?"

"I admire karen a lot, she is an excellent lawyer." "You know that her diploma is from Taubaté, right?

Portuguese Brazil

senta lá, Cláudia!

Reference USED On Occasion BY Some People

(sit there, Claudia!) • This phrase comes from a video from the 80's or 90's that has resurfaced as a meme on the internet. A famous Brazilian child TV presenter called Xuxa sort of dismissed a girl telling her to "go sit there", and now people use it when they want to do the same to someone, or when you want to imply that something will never happen with a great dose of irony. Used when you want to tell someone to shut up, or when you don't believe in what they're saying, like a "yeah, right".

"A gente devia sair juntos um dia desses!" "Aham, senta lá, Cláudia!"

"We should go out on a date sometime!" "Aham, sit there, Claudia"

Italian Italy


Reference USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(big pumpkin) • This is what adults say to children when they don't to understand something.

"Un'altra insufficienza! Sei proprio uno zuccone a scuola eh!"

"Another failing mark! You really are a big pumpkin at school huh!"

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French French speaking countries

Tu peux perdre une carte, mais pas quinze.

Reference USED On Occasion BY Some People

(You can lose one card, but not fifteen.) • This sentence comes from the film "Les Tuches 2", and it is the moment where the main character cannot find his 15 credits cards. He starts saying "You can lose 1 card, but not 15", then "You can lose 2 cards, but not 15", and so on, until he reaches "You can lose 15 cards, but not 15. Oh, you can actually." Some people reuse this sentence by changing "lose" and "card" by other words, like "fail" and "exam" for example. It is a way of making fun of a situation that isn't that enjoyable.

"Tu peux accrocher une voiture, mais pas quinze ! A la rigueur deux, mais pas quinze ! ... Tu peux accrocher quinze voitures, mais pas quinze ! Oh ben si en fait."

"You can hit a car, but not fifteen! Well, maybe two, but not fifteen! ... You can hit fifteen cars, but not fifteen! Oh, you can actually."

Turkish Turkey

sarı çizmeli Mehmet ağa

Reference USED Frequently BY Usually by older people (age 25+)

(the ağa Mehmet with the yellow boots) • Used for someone who is unknown where he/she lives or where he/she is from. Mehmet is a Turkish name and ağa is an old title that can be translated to landlord/landholder or someone who owns land and/or money.

"İsim yok, bu ne? Sarı çizmeli Mehmet ağa."

"He doesn't have a name, what is this/ what in the world? Is he The ağa Mehmet with the yellow boots?"

Polish Poland


Reference USED Frequently BY People Over 20

(n.) • (a foilman) • A conspiracy theorist who believes that 5G is designed to possess our minds, that chips are injected into our bodies by the means of vaccines, who won’t wear a mask because “pandemic is a hoax” etc. The term stems from the people who decided to wear caps made of aluminum foil, believing they resist electromagnetic radiation that possesses human minds (5G)

"Nie zaszczepi się na Covid ani nie nosi maseczki, on uważa, że ten wirus to ściema." "Nie wiedziałem, że jest foliarzem."

"He won't vaccinate against Covid and he doesn't wear a face mask, he thinks this virus is a hoax." "I didn't know he is a foilman."

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Dutch Netherlands


Reference USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(n.) • (one and a half meter society) • A reference to a society that needs to keep 1,5 meter distance from each other. Term used to refer to our 'new normal'.

"We leven nu in een anderhalvemetersamenleving door Corona."

"We live now in a one and a half meter society because of Corona."

English United States

the Rona

Reference USED On Occasion BY Young People

(n.) • A female name used to refer to the corona virus.

“Did you hear they canceled classes cause of the Rona?”

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English United States

to drink the Kool-Aid

Reference USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

When someone has been persuaded to join a cause due to peer pressure. Meaning a persuasive personality has gotten you to believe in their cause. Usually has a negative connotation. This is a reference to the Jonestown mass suicide of 1978 when a cult leader mixed cyanide in Kool-Aid and had his followers drink it.

“Did you see Sue today?” “Yeah, she really drank the Kool-aid didn’t she?”

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Spanish Spain

ni Periscope ni hostias

Reference USED On Occasion BY Teens

(neither Periscope nor hosts) • Reference to a video gone viral in 2016 in which a mom catches her daughter using Periscope, a livestreaming platform, and starts scolding her without turning the camera off so that the whole audience was able to witness the scene. Currently used to mean that someone shouldn't find an excuse for their bad behavior.

"Ni Periscope ni hostias, quemadísima me tienes."

"Neither Periscope nor hosts, you have me furious."

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English Greendale, United States

streets ahead

Reference USED On Occasion BY people at Greendale Community College

If you have to ask, you're streets behind.

Pierce: "Abed, your social skills aren't exactly streets ahead."

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Dutch Netherlands

nieuwsgierig Aagje

Reference USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(curious Aagje) • It refers to a person who is very curious or nosy. Aagje is a fairly old-fashioned girls' name in the Netherlands.

"Mijn moeder heeft weer zitten rondneuzen. Wat is ze toch een nieuwsgierig aagje."

"My mom went through my stuff again. She is such a curious aagje."

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Spanish Mexico

No es enchílame esta

Reference USED On Rare Occasion BY Guetho

(It's not enchiladas ) • Life is not easy.

"No son enchiladas. Tendrás que aplicarte más."

"Those aren't enchiladas. You're gonna have to make an effort."