German Germany


Slang USED On Occasion BY Adults, often men

(way beer) • The last beer before leaving the pub. One for the road.

"Machst Du mir noch'n Wegbier?"

"Can you get me another way beer?"


Finnish Finland


Word USED On Occasion BY Adults and teens

(noun) • (long johns drunkenness) • Getting drunk at home, in a hotel room or other comparable location in your underwear, with no intention of heading out to a bar later on.

"Ois ollu eilen ilalla Huuhkajien voittoparaati torilla, mutten jaksanu lähtee. Vedin kalsari(känni)t."

"There was a victory fest for Huuhkajat at the (Helsinki Market) Square last night, but I couldn't be bothered. Settled for kalsarikännit."



German German speaking countries


Word USED Frequently BY Adults

(noun) • (liquid bread) • A way of saying ‘beer’ in a joking manner, referring to the fact that both beer and bread are made of wheat.

„In Bayern gibts das beste Flüssigbrot!“

“In Bavaria there's the best liquid bread!”

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German German speaking countries


Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone generally, mainly youth tu adults

(n.) • (soft egg) • it's a slang word that might be translated to weakling, softy, or too delicate. It is often used as a joke, not to take too seriously. It is used for males as well as for females.

"Tom möchte bei diesem Wetter nicht zu Fuß gehen, er befürchtet, dass er krank wird. Er ist wirklich ein Weichei!"

"Tom does not want to go by foot with this weather, he fears he might get sick. He is such a soft egg"


Portuguese Brazil

o Papa é argentino, mas Deus é brasileiro

Expression USED On Occasion BY Adults

(the Pope is Argentine, but God is Brazilian) • It is used whenever Brazil faces or is compared to Argentina. You can also just say "God is Brazilian" when something good happens in Brazil.

"Acho que a Argentina ganha a próxima copa" "Não mesmo! O papa é argentino, mas Deus é brasileiro"

"I think Argentina wins the next world cup" "No way! The Pope is Argentine, but God is Brazilian"

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Norwegian Norway


Word USED On Rare Occasion BY Older people, adults

(noun) • A child who is the youngest of their siblings and born many years later. There might be an 8 year gap between the "attpåklatt" and their siblings

"Søstera mi er ni år yngre enn meg" "Så hun er en attpåklatt da"

"My sister is nine years younger than me" "So, she's an attpåklatt then"

Norwegian Norway


Slang USED On Occasion BY Some People, adults

A word used to refer to when Norwegians travel to Sweden, mainly to buy cheaper food and alcohol.

"Skal vi dra på harrytur?" "Ja, vi kan dra til helga."

"Could we to on a harrytur?" "Yes, we can go this weekend."

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Spanish Peru

en el poto del mundo

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young adults

(in the ass of the world) • Expression used to describe a place that is located very very far away.

"Su casa queda en el culo en el poto del mundo".

"His house is in the ass of the world".

Serbian Serbia


Slang USED On Rare Occasion BY Adults

Pičkovac arises from the word pička which means pussy. Pičkovac indicates a faraway place or a place that is hard to reach.

''Ma on dolazi iz pičkovca, čekaćemo ga još.''

''He is coming from pičkovac, we will wait for him more.''

Spanish Chile

se me echó la yegüa

Expression USED On Occasion BY Adults

(the mare fell over me) • Used to express that you are all of a sudden tired and don't feel like doing anything else. Also used when, after having agreed on doing something, you suddenly just don't have the motivation to do it.

"Entonces, ¿vamos a ir al cine como planeamos?" "Oh no, se me echó la yegüa, otro día nomás."

"So, are we going to the movies like we said?" "Ah, nah, the mare fell over me, maybe another day."


Dutch | Flemish Belgium, Netherlands

nu komt de aap uit de mouw!

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Adults

(now the monkey comes out of the sleeve!) • Used when something is revealed at last: The truth, someone's true intention, someone's true nature, etc.

"Waarom zijn je cijfers plots zo hoog?" "Ik heb gespiekt bij elke toets.." "Nu komt de aap uit de mouw!"

"Why are your grades suddenly so high?" "I cheated on every test.." "Now the monkey comes out of the sleeve!"



English United Kingdom

not a foggy one

Expression USED On Occasion BY Adults

It’s an abbreviation of the phrase “I haven’t (got) a clue in the foggiest”. When you really have no idea why something has happened or the answer to a question. Saying “not a foggy one” can be used depending on the individuals choice of changing the original phrase, but it is always understood by other Brits when used.

“Do you remember which bus stop we’re supposed to get off at?” “Not a foggy one, mate. I’m just following everyone else!”

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Spanish Spain

poner la mano en el fuego

Expression USED On Rare Occasion BY Adults

(to put a hand in the fire) • Used to say that you believe in someone or something so strongly that you would put your hand in a fire and you wouldn't burn yourself.

"Pondría mi mano en el fuego por él y sé que no me quemaría."

"I would put my hand on a fire for him and I'm sure I wouldn't burn myself."


Spanish Puerto Rico

¡ea, rayo!

Expression USED On Occasion BY Adults

(oh devil!) • Equivalent to saying “oh, shucks!”.

"¡Ea, rayo! Se me olvidó lavar la ropa."

"Oh, shucks! I forgot to do laundry."

French France

aimable comme une porte de prison

Expression USED Frequently BY Adults/old people

(as friendly as a prison's door) • Used to describe someone being rude or cold.

"Il ne m'a pas adressé un seul sourire du séjour, il est aimable comme une porte de prison."

"He didn't smile at me the whole trip, he is as friendly as a prison's door."

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Latin Italy

coram populo

Expression USED On Very Rare Occasion BY Adults

(in front of the people) • Publicly, in front of a group of people.

"Non ho intenzione di parlarti così, coram populo."

"I won't talk to you like this, in front of the people."

Latin Italy

in vino veritas

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Adults

(in wine (is) truth) • Used to mean that someone under the effect of alcohol is likely to voice their hidden thoughts.

"Mi dispiace per quello che ho detto. Ero ubriaco." "In vino veritas."

"I'm sorry for what I said. I was drunk." "In wine is truth."

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French French speaking countries

prendre ses jambes à son cou

Expression USED On Rare Occasion BY Adults

(to take you legs to your neck) • To run away as fast as possible.

"A chaque fois que Bip Bip voit Coyote, il prend ses jambes à con cou."

"Whenever the Road Runner sees Wile E. Coyote, he takes his legs to his neck."

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French French speaking countries

prendre la poudre d'escampette

Expression USED On Very Rare Occasion BY Adults

To run away, to flee.

"Hier, ma maison a été cambriolée, et au moment où je cherchais les voleurs, ils avaient déjà pris la poudre d'escampette."

"Yesterday, my house was robbed, and when I looked for the thieves, they had already fled."

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French French speaking countries

avoir été bercé trop près du mur

Expression USED On Very Rare Occasion BY Adults

(to have been rocked too close to the wall) • It's a way to say that a person is stupid. By being rocked near a wall, a baby's head could be bumped and cause damage to the brain.

"Jenny, un des personages de la BD "Les Nombrils", a été bercé trop très du mur. Je n'ai jamais vu quelqu'un d'aussi débile mais tellement drôle!"

"Jenny, one of the "The Bellybuttons" comic characters, was rocked too close to the wall. I've never seen a person that stupid but so funny!"

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