Spanish Argentina


Word USED Frequently BY Some people

(verb) • Used for the verb "to work" in the Lunfardo, which is an argot originated and developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries in the lower classes in Buenos Aires and from there spread to other cities nearby, such as the surrounding area Greater Buenos Aires, Rosario and Montevideo.

"Mañana tengo que laburar."

"Tomorrow I have to work."

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Dutch Netherlands


Word USED Frequently BY many people

(adverb) • (nottrue) • Used at the end of a sentence to ask for confirmation, like the English use of "right".

"Het is lekker weer vandaag, nietwaar?"

"The weather is great today, nottrue?"

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West Frisian Friesland, Netherlands


Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(noun) • (babysip) • It's when you go to visit a newborn.

"Wy geane op poppeslok by Amarens en Bouwe."

"We are going to visit Amarens and Bouwe to babysip."

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English English speaking countries


Word USED On Occasion BY some people

Dialectal term in many areas for plural "you". It has a similar meaning to the word "y'all" or the 'formal you" found in many European languages.

"Do youse want any chips?"

English Australia


Word USED Frequently BY most people

Abbreviation of "service station." Refers to a petrol station/gas station, especially when a convenience store or a small supermarket is attached.

"Before we leave, we need to stop at the servo to fill up the car."

English Australia


Word USED On Occasion BY most people

Short form of the word "mosquito."

"Make sure to bring insect repellent, or the mozzies will eat you alive."

English English speaking countries


Word USED Frequently BY most people

An informal term for a man. It can also mean a man who acts in a traditionally masculine way.

"Did you see that bloke in the yellow shorts?"

English Queensland, Australia


Word USED On Occasion BY Older people from Queensland

A suitcase or a school bag or case (short for portmanteau)

"He put his shoes in his port, but carried his computer with him."

English Australia; South Africa


Word USED Very frequently BY some people

Short form of the word avocado

"The avo on toast here is too expensive, but the hot breakfasts are nice."

English Australia; New Zealand


Word USED Frequently BY most people

Short form of the word "afternoon."

"Do you want to go to the pool this arvo?"

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED Frequently BY politicians

(noun) • (security of livelihood) • It refers to the an existence with sufficient and predictable income, a home, access to education and care and a buffer for unexpected expenses. It is a big theme in the 2023 Dutch elections.

"Bestaanszekerheid is voor mij dat je inkomen voldoende is om aan de noodzakelijke levensbehoefte te voldoen, zonder in grote stress te raken."

"For me, security of livelihood means that your income is sufficient to meet the necessary necessities of life, without getting into great stress."



German Germany


Word USED Very frequently BY Everybody

(noun) • (Late-y) • Little shops that sell snacks, alcohol, ice cream, chewing gum and random other things like milk or mulled wine, the list goes on. They are called Späti because they're open until late.

"Berlin ist berühmt für seine Spätis."

"Berlin is famous for its Spätis."

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Very Rare Occasion BY older generations

(verb) • (to heaven) • To pass way, to go to heaven.

"Voordat ik ga hemelen wil ik eigenlijk nog wel graag weten wat er precies is gebeurd."

"Before I heaven, I would like to know what exactly happened."

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Occasion BY some people

(noun) • (meat inspection) • A way to describe something that reduces women to their physical appearance.

"Zo'n missverkiezing blijft toch gewoon een vleeskeuring."

"A Miss competition is basically a meat inspection."

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Occasion BY Some People

(adjective) • Used to describe the unpleasant weather when it is cold and windy outside. Sometimes it also includes rain.

"Het is echt weer guur weer buiten."

"The weather outside is really guur."

Central Khmer Cambodia


Word USED Frequently BY Teens

(adjective) • It's basically high as in "Are you high bro?" like someone did too much drugs. but, the "bek" used more commonly among teens to show that the person is high or really stupid

"Hg bek men?" "Ah bek, mix hg tver jg hah?"

"Are you high?" "You idiot, why did you do that?"

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED Sometimes BY Some People

(noun) • A phrase that is simple yet contains a truth or piece of wisdom that is printed on traditional wall tiles. These tiles are often white with text and additional imagery in Delft blue, a shade of blue often used in traditional Dutch products.

"Tel wat je hebt, niet wat je mist" "Zo, dat is een mooie tegeltjeswijsheid"

"Count what you have, not what you are missing" "That's a great tile wisdom"

Spanish Venezuela


Word USED Frequently BY Some People

(noun) • It refers to a very strong blow.

"Cuidado te caes y de tas un mamonazo"

"Be careful, you fall and you get a mamonazo"



Spanish Venezuela


Word USED Frequently BY Some People

(adj.) • Word that indicates that a person has a good vocabulary, speaks well or wants to conquer someone.

"Maria tiene mucha labia"

"Maria has a lot of talk"

Spanish Venezuela


Word USED Frequently BY Some People

(verb) • It is to browse, review or scrutinize.

"No jurungues la comida"

"Don't spoil the food"