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Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY everybody

(what the what) • It's a slang similar to the american "wut up", it's often used to say "Hello" or "how are you".

"klk manin." "Aquí, tu sabe, cogiéndolo suave."

"Wut up bro" "Here, you know, chillin."

English Australia


Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Everybody

Contraction of good day.

"G'day mate"

English Various countries


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Young people

Stands for "not gonna lie" and is used before a statement that might be perceived as strange, or too honest. As an acronym, it's mostly used online.

"What do you think of my painting?" "ngl, it's not your best."

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Dutch Netherlands


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY working people

Informal Thursday afternoon drinks with co-workers. Abbreviation of "donderdag" (Thursday), "middag" (afternoon) and "borrel" (informal drinks). Used to be on Friday (vrijmibo) but since more people are working form home on Fridays, it is now often moved to Thursday.

"Werk is klaar, tijd voor de domibo!"

"Work is done, time for the domibo!"

Dutch Netherlands


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Some People

An informal meetup, usually involving alcoholic drinks and snacks, held on Friday afternoon (typically with one's colleagues or friends) at the end of the workweek. Shortened from vrijdagmiddagborrel, taking the initial syllables of its constituent words vrijdagmiddag (“Friday afternoon”) and borrel (“informal meetup or reception involving alcoholic drinks”).

“Zie ik je op de vrijmibo?”

“Will I see you at the vrijmibo?”

English Australia


Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Most People

A short form of McDonald's.

"Do you want to go to Maccas?"

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English Australia


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

A very shortened version of "What's going on?", used in the way of asking someone what they're up to or how they are.

"Hey Gaz, scarnon mate? Been busy?"

"Hello Gary, what's going on? Have you been busy?"

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Hungarian Hungary


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

It means "I don't know" or more precisely "dunno". It's the short version of "nem tudom" which is the complete way to say it.

"Nemtom, jövő héten mikor érek rá."

"Dunno when I'm free next week."



Dutch Netherlands


Abbreviation USED On Occasion BY Students

(v.) • The act of committing sog, abbreviation of studie-ontwijkend gedrag (study avoiding behaviour).

“Ik verveel me stierlijk in de UB. Dus het is tijd om te soggen, en dan maak ik memes.”

“I'm terribly bored in the university library. So it is time to sog, and then I make memes.”

Spanish Spanish speaking countries


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Young People

Used when texting to short the Spanish expression for "I don't know" ("no sé")

"¿Laura va a venir?" "ns"

"Is Laura coming?" "idk"

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Russian | Moldovan Moldova


Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Teens

(in any case) • Internet slang abbreviation for "по-любому", meaning "in any case".

"Eu plbm nu înțeleg ce se întâmplă."

"In any case, I don't understand what's going on."

Dutch Netherlands


Abbreviation USED On Occasion BY students

(n.) • Short for "quarantaineborrel" (quarantine drinks).

"Heb je plannen voor vanavond?" "Ja, ik heb vanavond quabo."

"Do you have plans for tonight?" "Yes, tonight I have quabo."

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Dutch Netherlands


Abbreviation USED On Rare Occasion BY Students

(n.) • Short for "locatie" (location) and used to refer to the "share your location" function on WhatsApp.

"Stuur me even je loca."

"Send me your loca."

Confirmed by 2 people

Dutch Netherlands


Abbreviation USED On Occasion BY Students

(n.) • (little vvv) • Stands for "vriend(en) van vroeger" (friend from the past)

"Hoe was het feestje?" "Ja leuk, veel vvv'tjes"

"How was the party?" "Fun, loads of little vvv's"

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English United States


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Military

An acronym that is widely used to stand for the sarcastic expression 'Situation Normal: All Fucked Up'. It is a well-known example of military acronym slang. It means that the situation is bad, but that this is a normal state of affairs. The acronym is believed to have originated in the United States Marine Corps during World War II.

"What's the current situation in there?" "It's a real SNAFU. Everything is literally on fire." "So, same as usual."

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Indonesian Indonesia


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Indonesians

(lazy to move) • Mager is an abbreviation of "Malas Gerak" which means lazy to move in the Indonesian language. It is frequently used among teenagers nowadays especially in texting due to us loving to write abbreviations rather than the true spelling.

"Putri, ke indomaret yok!" "Gak ah, mager gua."

"Putri, let's go to the Indomaret (a convenience store)" "Nah, I'm lazy to move."

Romanian Romania and Moldova


Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Everyone

Internet slang abbreviation for "ce faci?", meaning "what are you doing?"

"Salut! Cf azi?"

"Hi! What are you doing today?"



Italian | Neapolitan Italy


Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Gen X'ers

(n.) • (my brother) • Internet slang abbreviation of the Neapolitan dialect word “fratm”, made popular by a meme and now widely used in the Italian internet community.

"Fr🏧 ingiustamente carcerat."

"My brother, unrightfully jailed."

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French France


Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Mostly young people

(don't worry about it) • Short for "t'inquiète", which is short for "ne t'inquiète pas", meaning "don't worry about it".

"Il y aura assez à boire pour ce soir?" "Tkt j'ai tout ce qui faut."

"Will there be enough drinks for tonight?" "Tkt, I got it covered."

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Italian Italy


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Children and teenagers

(I love you) • Short for "ti voglio bene", the non-romantic "love you".

"Martina, sei la mia migliore amica. TVB!"

"Martina, you're my best friend. TVB!"