* beauty

Portuguese Brazil

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) Informal way of saying 'alright!'. Can be used as a greeting with the same meaning as 'What's up?'

"Amanhã vamos te buscar às 15:00" "Beleza!" "Beleza?" "Tudo certo, e contigo?"

"Tomorrow we're picking you up at 3pm" "Alright!" "What's up?" "Not much, and you?"



C'est quoi les bails?*

* What are the leases?

French France

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Young people

A way of saying 'what's up?'. Deriving from "bails" (leases) meaning "business". You are asking about the business your friend has done.

"Salut poto" "Wesh gros" "C'est quoi les bails" "Pas grand chose, on est là, toi-même tu sais"

"Hey bro" "Yo homie" "What's up?" "Not much, we represent, you know"

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* Are you alright?

English United Kingdom

Standard Phrase USED Very frequently BY Everyone

A common and informal way to greet someone.

"Oright mate, how's it going?" "Yeah, not too bad, thanks."

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kaj ima?*

* What is there?

Croatian | Kajkavian Zagreb, Croatia

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

An informal way to greet friends.

"Di si care, kaj ima?"

"Hey man, what's up?"

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Qué sopa?

Spanish Panama

Slang USED Frequently BY young people

Used as "what's up?" in Panamanian Spanish. It comes from switching the order in which syllables of "Que pasó?" (what happened). It is occasionally also written as "xopa".

"Oye fren, que sopa?"

"Hey bro, what's up?"

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Che si dice?*

* What is said?

Italian Italy

Expression USED Frequently BY Most People

A near-equivalent in English would be "what's up?", referring to people's perception of the general current situation. The question is usually referred to one or more people in particular, so it always has its specificity.

"Ehilà! Che si dice?"

"Hey there! What is said?”

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How do?

English Northern England, United Kingdom

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Some People

Greeting often used between walkers as they pass each other on a hike. It doesn't really mean anything but it an expression of friendliness that does not require an actual answer.

"How do?" "How do?"

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شو في ما في؟*

* What's there not there

Arabic | Levantine Lebanon

Standard Phrase USED Very frequently BY Anyone

A way of saying 'what's up?', typically used with friends and family or acquaintances.

"شو في ما في؟" "والله وا في شي"

"What's up?" "Nothing much"