Polish Poland

pogoda pod psem

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Everyone

(the weather under the dog) • Very bad weather

"I stayed at home yesterday, the weather was under the dog."

"Zostałam wczoraj w domu, pogoda była pod psem."

Spanish Mexico

No vendes piñas

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(You don't sell pineapples) • It's used when you want someone to know that they're criticizing something that they're also doing. It's used to say someone it's being rude.

"Pero mira esa muchacha con ese vestido tan corto." "Pero tú no vendes piñas, mira el tuyo."

"But look at that girl with a short dress." "But you don't sell pineapples, look at yours."


Dutch Netherlands

krijg nou tieten

Expression USED On Occasion BY male students, men, everyone

(interj.) • (get tits now) • Expression of surprise, sort of like the English OMG.

"Vliegende man in een jetpack gezien door piloten in Amerika? Krijg nou tieten; dat kan niet, joh."

"Man flying using a jet pack seen by American pilots? Grow some tits; that's impossible, man!"

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German Germany


Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone apart from old people

(n.) • Money.

“Ich habe keine Kohle mehr.”

“I don’t have any money left.”

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German Northern Germany, Germany


Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone in Northern Germany

A greeting that can be used at every time of day in Northern Germany - basically the equivalent to "Hi". In Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, it is more common to use "Moin" and not "Moin moin", since the latter is sometimes considered to be too much talk.

"Moin Andreas, alles klar?"

"Moin Andreas, everything alright?"

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German German speaking countries

die Bürgersteige hochklappen

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(fold up the sidewalks) • To indicate that there is nothing going on in a town (or a village).

"Da, wo ich herkomme, werden um Acht Uhr die Bürgersteige hochgeklappt. "

"Where I come from, the sidewalks are folded up at 8 pm. "

Spanish Guatemala


Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(Waters! ) • A warning for when danger is approaching.

“¡Aguas! ¡Las rocas están cayendo!”

“Waters! The rocks are falling!”