Spanish Argentina


Slang USED Frequently BY Teens, criminals, people who are bothered by police being around

(n.) • Word for the police. Usually used by people who dislike the police in general or dislike the fact that the police is near them.

"Guardá el porro que ahí viene la yuta"

"Put away your blunt, pigs (cops) are coming"

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Portuguese Brazil

virado no Jiraya

Expression USED On Occasion BY Teens

(to be acting like Jiraya) • When someone's very angry because something upsetting happened, or simply woke up in a bad mood, they are "like Jiraya".

"Elisa ficou virada no Jiraya quando viu que ficou em terceiro lugar no concurso."

"Elisa started acting like Jiraya after she discovered that she got third place in the contest. "

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Slovak Slovakia


Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

(an ass) • The buttocks/anus, An abandoned place, A hopeless situation, fun, or a prank.

1. "Musíme tých politikov nakopať do prdele!" 2. "Tá dedina sa nachádza úplne v prdeli." 3. "Vďaka nášmu šéfovi je firma úplne v prdeli." 4. "To by bola prdel, keby spadol zo stoličky." 5. "Urobil si z nich prdel a nakreslil im fúzy pod nosmi, kým spali."

1. "We have to kick our politicians to ass!" 2. "That village is located in total ass." 3. "Thanks to our boss the company is in total ass." 4. "It would be ass, if he fell down from the chair." 5. "He made an ass of them and drew a moustache under noses, while they were sleeping."

Italian Italy

fuori come un balcone

Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

(out like a balcony) • Used to say that someone is out of their mind. It can refer both to something said or done by that person.

"Marco ama solo gli sport estremi, è fuori come un balcone."

"Marco only loves extreme sports, he's out like a balcony."

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Portuguese Portugal

bom como o milho

Expression USED On Occasion BY Teens

(fine as corn) • Used to describe someone very attractive.

"Viste aquele rapaz a passar na rua? Bom como o milho."

"Did you see that guy crossing the street? Fine as corn."

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English | Australian English Australia


Slang USED In the past BY Teens

Used to describe the state of being by yourself, not knowing anyone.

"Chemistry would be so much better if I weren't Nigel."

Russian | Moldovan Moldova


Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Teens

(in any case) • Internet slang abbreviation for "по-любому", meaning "in any case".

"Eu plbm nu înțeleg ce se întâmplă."

"In any case, I don't understand what's going on."

Spanish Mexico


Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

(strawberry) • Someone rich and snobby. Mostly used for girls.

"Esas chavas son unas fresas."

"Those girls are such strawberries."

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Spanish Spain

dar calabazas

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Teens

(to give pumpkins) • It means to turn someone down and reject them, for example when they're flirting with you.

"Le pedí a María de salir conmigo a la fiesta pero me dio calabazas."

"I asked Maria to go to the party with me but she gave me pumpkins."

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Norwegian Norway


Name USED On Occasion BY Teens

(n.) • Someone with few or no friends. Can also be used to describe being alone or lonely.

"Er du helt Viggo?"

"Are you totally Viggo?"



German German speaking countries


Slang USED On Occasion BY Teens

(n.) • (ass-violin) • An insult for someone you really don't like, a synonym for "idiot".

"Er hat mir mein Geld geklaut! So eine Arschgeige!"

"He stole my money! What an ass-violin!"

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English United States


Slang USED Very frequently BY Teens

(adj.) • Short for “legitimate”. Used like “cool.” Meaning new, exciting, in fashion, etc.

"Your coat is legit”

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English United States


Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

(adj.) • Used the same way as “cool.”

“Did you see my new AirPods?” “Dude! Those are so dope!”

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Spanish Spain

ni Periscope ni hostias

Reference USED On Occasion BY Teens

(neither Periscope nor hosts) • Reference to a video gone viral in 2016 in which a mom catches her daughter using Periscope, a livestreaming platform, and starts scolding her without turning the camera off so that the whole audience was able to witness the scene. Currently used to mean that someone shouldn't find an excuse for their bad behavior.

"Ni Periscope ni hostias, quemadísima me tienes."

"Neither Periscope nor hosts, you have me furious."

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Romanian Romania


Interjection USED Frequently BY Teens

(n.) • (balls) • It is an interjection used when addressing friends in informal conversations.

"Ce faci, coaie?" "Foarte bine, coaie. Tu? "

"What's up, balls?" "All good, balls. What about you?"




Norwegian Norway


Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

(interj.) • Short for 'altså', meaning 'so', 'accordingly', 'that is', 'therefore', or 'thus'. Often used as an interjection at the end of sentences.

"Jeg elsker denne serien, ass!"

"'I love this series, really!"

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French France


Word USED Frequently BY youngsters and former teens

(adj.) • (heavy) • Cool or awesome. Can be used alone to succinctly express approval.

"Je me suis acheté une nouvelle paire de pompes, elles sont confortables et stylées." "Lourd."

"I just bought a new pair of shoes, they're comfy and classy." "Cool."

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Italian | Roman Rome, Italy

A buffo

Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

(adv.) • (At funny) • You use "a buffo" when you do something randomly, not giving it much thought.

"Mi ha chiamato a buffo."

"He called me at funny."

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Romanian Romania

aragaz cu patru ochi

Slang USED Very frequently BY Children, Teens

(stove with four eyes) • It is a mild insult to people who wear glasses, frequently used among classmates.

"Alex a început să poarte ochelari. E un aragaz cu patru ochi."

"Alex started to wear glasses. He is a stove with four eyes."

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Croatian Zagreb, Croatia


Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

(n.) • A feeling of uneasiness and sadness, mostly used when explaining a mood or a situation.

"Bed me je to pitati."

"I'm uncomfortable asking it."