Polish Poland

robić dobrą minę do złej gry

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Some People

(to put on a good face for a bad game) • To pretend you're doing well when the situation is actually bad. Similar to the English expressions 'to put on a brave face' or 'to put on a Poker face' (depending on the context).

"Rozstanie bardzo w nią ugodziło, ale robiła dobrą minę do złej gry, udając, że cieszy się swoją nowo odzyskaną wolnością."

"The breakup really struck her, but she put on a good face for the bad game and pretended she was enjoying her newly gained freedom."

Polish Poland

na bank

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everybody

(for a bank) • Used to express certainty. An idiomatic equivalent to the English "for sure". Can also be used sarcastically.

"Czy będziesz dzisiaj na przyjęciu?" "Na bank!"

"Are you coming to today's party?" "for a bank!"

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Spanish Chile

pato malo

Idiom USED Frequently BY Some People

(bad duck ) • Bad person, sometimes is used for vulgars or people who did bad things.

"Are you watching this vulgar? He's a bad duck."

"Estás viendo a ese ladrón? Es un pato malo."


German | Austrian Dialect Austria

hätti wari dadi!

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(had I, did I, would I) • Similar to "woulda, coulda, shoulda", this phrase is used to dismiss hypothetical thoughts of what could have been.

"Wann i gwusst hätt, dass so staut, wär i früher losgfahren!" "Hätti, wari, dadi!"

"If I had known there would be this much traffic, I'd left earlier!" "Had I, did I, would I!"

Polish Poland

obiecywać komuś gruszki na wierzbie

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everybody can use it

(to promise someone pears on the willow) • When you promise something that is not possible / to make empty promises.

"Prezydent obiecywał gruszki na wierzbie, byleby tylko wygrać wybory."

"The president promised the pears on the willow to win the elections."

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Dutch Netherlands

als Pasen en Pinksteren op één dag vallen

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Some People

(when Easter and Pentecost fall on the same day) • Used to say that something will never happen.

"Mama, wanneer krijg ik een PlayStation?" "Als Pasen en Pinksteren op één dag vallen."

"Mom, when do I get a PlayStation?" "When Easter and Pentecost fall on the same day."

German Germany


Idiom USED Very frequently BY Young people who menstruate

(strawberry week) • To have one’s ‘strawberry week’ means that one is currently menstruating.

“Ich möchte heute nicht mitkommen, mir geht’s heute nicht so gut.” “Oh, was ist los?” “Erdbeerwoche.”

“I don’t want to come with today, I’m not feeling well.” “Oh, what’s up?” “Strawberry week.”

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Italian Italy

tirare i piedi

Idiom USED Frequently BY Some People

(to pull one's feet) • To bring bad luck.

"Non ti preoccupare, l'esame sarà andato sicuramente bene." "Non tirarmi i piedi!"

"Dont worry, you surely did great in the exam." "Don't pull my feet!"


Spanish Argentina

me chorrea el bife

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Young People

(my steak drips) • Used to say that you or someone else is menstruating.

"¡Hola! ¿Quieres salir esta noche?" "No puedo, me chorrea el bife"

"Hi! Do you want to go out tonight?" "I can't, my steak drips"

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Slovak Slovakia

lebo medveď

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Children

(because bear) • It's not your business.

"Prečo si mi nedal aspoň jeden kúsok čokolády?" "Lebo medveď."

"Why didn't you give me at least one piece of chocolate?" "Because bear."

Slovak Slovakia

na mol

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Expression of how drunk the person is. "Na mol" basically means "totally off", but it's not its literally meaning.

"Kámo, ty si bol úplne na mol včera večer!"

"Dude, you were totally off last evening!"

Italian Italy

Sputa il rospo

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(spit the toad) • To urge someone to speak their mind or tell about something with no restraints; to spill the beans.

"Non hai mai espresso il tuo parere sulla loro unione. Forza, sputa il rospo."

"You have never expressed your opinion on their engagement. Come on, spit the toad."

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Italian Italy

coda di paglia

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(straw-made tail) • Used when someone is upset for not having a clear conscience and is scared to be exposed.

"Non ho mangiato io i biscotti!" "Non ti ho accusato, hai la coda di paglia?"

"I didn't eat the cookies!" "I didn't blame you, do you have a straw-made tail?"

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Azerbaijani Azerbaijan

toydan sonra nağara

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(drum after the wedding) • An action that comes too late.

Lalə: "Axşam ona mesaj yazdım ki, bəlkə sevişmək istəyər, 6 saatdan sonra cavab yazdı mənə..." Günel: "Dəhşət... Həmişə olduğu kimi toydan sonra nağara..."

Lalə: "I texted him last night to hook up and he responded after 6 hours..." Günel: "Pfff... As always. Drum after the wedding..."


Azerbaijani Azerbaijan

tüpürdüyünü yalamaq

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(lick your own spit) • To take back something you have said or admit something is not true. Eat your words.

"Yadındadı, o gün deyirdi otelimizə gələn olmayacaq bugün. Bax gör indi nə qədər adam gəlib. Yaladı da tüpürdüyünü!"

"Remember how he was saying that no one will stay at our hotel today? Look how many people arrived! Now he will lick his own spit."

Italian Italy

avere un piede nella fossa

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(to have a foot in the grave) • To kick the bucket; used to say that someone has little time left to live.

"Il mio vicino ha 85 anni, ha praticamente un piede nella fossa."

"My neighbor is 85, he basically has a foot in the grave."

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Italian Italy

né carne né pesce

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(neither meat nor fish) • Used to say that someone has no personality.

"Marco non prende mai posizione, non è né carne né pesce."

"Marco never takes sides, he is neither meat nor fish."

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Slovak Slovakia

vylez mi na hrb

Idiom USED Frequently BY Some People

(climb on my humpback) • "vylez mi na hrb" means "f*** you/piss off/i don't care..."

"Nevyniesol si smeti...Zase!" "Vylez mi na hrb!"

"You did not take out the trash...Again!" "Climb on my humpback!"


Slovak Slovakia

neťahaj ma za nos

Idiom USED Frequently BY Most People

(don't pull my nose) • "neťahaj ma za nos" means "don't mess with me/don't lie to me"

"Chlapci nemajú radi keď ich dievčatá ťahajú za nos"

"Boys don't like when girls pull their noses"

Italian Italy

non avere fegato

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(to not have liver) • This expression is used when someone shows fear and it simply means to be afraid of something.

"Martina non si tufferebbe mai da quella roccia: non ha fegato!" "Ci vuole fegato per tuffarsi da quella roccia!"

"Martina would never dive from that rock: she has no liver! "It takes liver to dive from that rock!"

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