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la moula

Slang USED On Occasion BY Rappers and young people

(n.) • La moula or La moulaga is a slang synonym to "argent" so money. It is mostly used in rap songs and by young people.

"Mais elle est où la moulaga ?"

"But where is the money ?"

French France

faut pas pousser mémé dans les orties

Expression USED On Occasion BY mainly adults

(don't push granny in the nettle bush) • It is used when someone is going a bit far in their behaviour/request. It basically means that they should not exaggerate.

"En plus de l'aider avec son projet je dois aussi faire la vaisselle? Faut pas pousser mémé dans les orties!"

"After I helped him with his project I also have to do the dishes? Don't push grandma in the nettle bush!"

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French France

Mon petit doigt m’a dit

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Adults

(My little finger has told me) • The idiom is a playful way of announcing that you know something when you don’t want to reveal the source of your information. It is the French equivalent of the English idiom 'a little birdie told me'.

"Tu n’as pas fait la vaisselle hier." "Comment tu le sais?" "Mon petit doigt me l’a dit!"

"You didn't do the dishes yesterday." "How do you know?" "My little finger told me!"

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French France

avoir le seum

Slang USED Frequently BY Young people

(to have the venom) • It means being angry or frustrated.

"J'ai perdu mes clefs, j'ai le seum!"

"I lost my keys, I have the venom!"

Confirmed by 23 people

French France

ça casse pas trois pattes à un canard

Expression USED In the past BY Everyone

(it doesn't break three legs to a duck ) • Not really impressive or significant. It is a bit old now, more used for humoristic emphasis.

"Franchement, ce film ne casse pas trois pattes à un canard."

"Honestly, that movie doesn't break three paws to a duck."

Confirmed by 10 people

French France

parler français comme une vache espagnole

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(to speak French like a Spanish cow) • To speak French terribly.

"Il parle le français comme une vache espagnole, donc je ne l'ai pas compris."

"He speaks French like a Spanish cow, so I didn't understand him."

Confirmed by 11 people

French France

con comme une valise sans poignées

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some people

(dumb like a suitcase without handles) • Used to describe someone who is really dumb.

"Je ne peux pas le voir ce type, il est con comme une valise sans poignées."

"I can't stand this guy, he's dumb like a suitcase without handles."

Confirmed by 3 people

French France


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Young People

Abbreviation of "à ce qu'il paraît", meaning apparently or it seems like.

"Askip les Russes ont trouvé un vaccin contre le covid."

"Apparently the Russians have found a vaccine against covid."

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French France

avoir une faim de loup

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

(being hungry like a wolf) • An expression used to say that you’re starving.

"J’ai une faim de loup, je pourrais manger un lion."

"I am hungry like a wolf, I could eat a lion."

Confirmed by 9 people

French France

être sur la paille

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(to be on straw) • A lack of money, being broke.

"- Tu veux aller au restaurant ? - Je ne peux pas, je suis sur la paille."

"- Do you want to go to the restaurant ? - Can't. I'm on straw."

Confirmed by 7 people

French France


Slang USED Frequently BY Teens

(n.) • One of the many slang words used to mean "money". This word is actually used in English as well to mean the same thing (moolah).

"Hé mec, t'as d'la moula?"

"Yo bro, got any money?"

Confirmed by 7 people

French France


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Young People

An abbreviation of "beaucoup", meaning "a lot", "much", or "many", used in texting or messaging.

"Il fait bcp trop chaud pour dormir"

"It is much too hot to sleep"

Confirmed by 12 people

French France

planter les choux

Expression USED On Rare Occasion BY Everyone

(to plant the cabbages) • It is used when you walk on a wet soil wearing shoes with heels, and the heels sink into the soil.

"Ah il a plu hier, je vais planter les choux avec ces chaussures!"

"Oh it was rainy yesterday, I'm gonna plant the cabbages with these shoes!"

Confirmed by 2 people

French France

avoir un poil dans la main

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(to have a hair in your hand) • Used to describe someone as lazy.

"Ce n’est pas un forcené du travail, il a un sacré poil dans la main."

"He is not a hard-worker, he has such a long hair in his hand."

Confirmed by 8 people

French France

raconter des salades

Expression USED On Occasion BY Older Generations

(to tell salads) • To tell lies.

"On ne sait jamais le vrai du faux, il raconte toujours des salades."

"You never know what right and what’s wrong, he’s always telling salads."

Confirmed by 6 people

French France

fumer comme un pompier

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(to smoke like a fireman) • Used to imply that someone smokes a lot.

"Les Français ont la réputation de fumer comme des pompiers."

"French people are known to smoke like firemen."

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French France

à plus dans le bus

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(see you later in the bus ) • It's a rhyme to say goodbye - à plus (see you) dans le bus (in the bus).

"Salut!" "À plus dans le bus!"

"Bye!" "See you later in the bus!"

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French France


Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everybody

(knitting) • The action a cat does when it pulls its paws one after the other when it's happy and calm. Known in English as making biscuits

"Regarde le chat, il est trop mignon il tricote."

"Look at the cat, it's so cute it's making biscuits."

French France

C'est pas Versailles ici!

Expression USED Frequently BY Parents and grandparents

(It's not Versailles in here) • Typically used by parents when their children leave a room but forget to turn off the light or if they use electricity in a wasteful way. Reference to the Palace of Versailles.

"Éteins la lumière quand tu sors de ta chambre, c'est pas Versailles ici!"

"Turn off the lights when go out of your room, we're not in Versailles here!"

Confirmed by 9 people

French France

chanter en yaourt

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(to sing in yoghurt) • When a person sings in a foreign language unknowingly or doesn’t know the lyrics and so it sounds like gibberish.

"Quand elle imite Beyoncé, elle chante en yaourt."

"When she imitates Beyoncé, she sings in yogurt."

Confirmed by 8 people