la paștele cailor*

* at the horse's Easter

Romanian Romania and Moldova

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

It means "never".

"Când îmi dai banii înapoi?" "La paștele cailor!"

"When will you give me my money back?" "At the horse's Easter!"

a o șterge englezește*

* to leave English-style

Romanian Romania

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

It means to leave quickly from a location without being seen.

Note: It was firstly used by the French army to mock the English soldiers.

"Ai văzut-o pe Maria? Trebuie să vorbesc cu ea." "Nu, a șters-o englezește."

"Have you seen Maria? I have to talk to her." "No, she left English-style."

la mama dracului*

* at the devil's mother

Romanian Romania and Moldova

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

It is used for something that is very far away.

"Vrei să mergem la cinema?" "Nu. E la mama dracului."

"Do you want to go to the cinema?" "No. It's at the devil's mother."

a da la rațe*

* to feed the ducks

Romanian Romania

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

To vomit.

"Ai băut atât de mult aseară, încât ai dat la rațe."

"You drank so much last night that you fed the ducks."

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a freca menta*

* to rub the mint

Romanian Romania

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It means to waste time, to do something useless, to be lazy.

"Nu mai freca menta și fă-ți temele!"

"Stop rubbing the mint and do your homework!"

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aragaz cu patru ochi*

* stove with four eyes

Romanian Romania

Slang USED Very frequently BY Children, Teens

It is a mild insult to people who wear glasses, frequently used among classmates.

"Alex a început să poarte ochelari. E un aragaz cu patru ochi."

"Alex started to wear glasses. He is a stove with four eyes."

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A-i pica fisa*

* When your coin drops

Romanian Romania

Expression USED Frequently BY everyone

When you find an answer to a specific problem that bothered you for a long time; When you have a revelation.

"When I explained to her the chemistry exercise, her coin dropped and she finally understood it."

"Când i-am explicat exercițiul de chimie, i-a picat fisa și l-a înțeles în sfârșit."


Ești varză*

* You're cabbage

Romanian Romania

Slang USED Frequently BY Everybody

It's generally used to tell someone they suck when they dissapoint you.

"Nu știi să faci tema la mate? Ești varză!"

"You don't know how to do the maths homework? You're cabbage!"

ca baba și mitraliera*

* Like an old lady and a machine-gun

Romanian Romania

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

It means that someone does not fit for the task or that two things have nothing in common.

"Dickerson a fost ca baba și mitraliera, pregătirile au întârziat și expediția nu a fost lansată."

"Dickerson was like an old lady and a machine-gun, the preparations stalled and the expedition was not launched."


A se duce pe apa Sambetei*

* To leave on the Saturday's water

Romanian Romania

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

to lose something

"Probele s-au dus pe apa sâmbetei."

"The evidence left on the Saturday's water."


a-și băga piciorul*

* to stick his feet in

Romanian Romania and Moldova

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

To give up, often because the situation did not go as originally planned.

"Jur că, de când maică-ta și-a băgat picioarele, spatele mă doare mai rău."

"I swear that since your mom stuck her feet in, my back has gotten worse."

a-i sări muștarul*

* to have his mustard jump off

Romanian Romania

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

to lose temper

"Ascultându-l pe soțul meu că spune asta, mi-a sărit muștarul."

"Hearing my husband say that, it had my mustard jump off."


a-i pica fisa*

* to drop his coin

Romanian Romania

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

It means that someone received something good without expecting it.

"Și atunci i-a picat fisa lui Michael."

"And that's when it dawned on Michael."

Nea Caisă*

* Mister Apricot

Romanian Romania

Name USED Frequently BY Middle Aged People

It's a generic name that's used when you don't remember a man's actual name.

"Chiuveta este înfundată, ar trebui să apelăm instalatorul." "Cunosc un tip, ah... Nea Caisă."

"The sink is clogged, we should call the plumber." "I know a guy, ah... Mister Apricot."


Romanian Romania and Moldova

Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Everyone

Internet slang abbreviation for "ce faci?", meaning "what are you doing?"

"Salut! Cf azi?"

"Hi! What are you doing today?"