Slovak Slovakia

nech mu je zem ľahká

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everybody

(let the earth be light for him ) • This expression is used when someone dies. People use it to say they hope s/he rests in peace.

"Včera večer zomrel po ťažkom boji s rakovinou. Nech mu je zem ľahká."

"He died yesterday evening after a difficult battle with cancer. Let the earth be light for him."


Slovak Slovakia

voňať fialky odspodu

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(smell violets from the bottom) • To lay in the grave.

Nemám chuť voňať fialky odspodu.

I don't feel like smelling violets from the bottom.

Slovak Slovakia

lebo medveď

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Children

(because bear) • It's not your business.

"Prečo si mi nedal aspoň jeden kúsok čokolády?" "Lebo medveď."

"Why didn't you give me at least one piece of chocolate?" "Because bear."

Slovak Slovakia

to je jedno

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Everyone

(it is one) • I don't care. I don't mind. It doesn't matter.

"Dáš si pivo alebo víno?" "To je jedno."

"Would you like a beer or wine?" "It is one."

Slovak Slovakia

španielska dedina

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(a spanish village) • Something that one doesn't understand completely.

"Teória strún je pre mňa španielska dedina."

"The theory of strings is a spanish village to me."

Slovak Slovakia

pod papučou

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(under the slipper) • The situation, when husband is under total control of his wife or vice versa.

"Chudák Peter. Je úplne pod papučou a žena ho nepustí ani do krčmy."

"Poor Peter. He's totally under the slipper and his wife even won't allow him to go to the pub."

Slovak Slovakia

na mol

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Expression of how drunk the person is. "Na mol" basically means "totally off", but it's not its literally meaning.

"Kámo, ty si bol úplne na mol včera večer!"

"Dude, you were totally off last evening!"


Slovak Slovakia


Word USED Frequently BY Young People

Describing the thing that you cannot remember its proper name. Some people say that the people who use "oné", haven't got a huge vocabulary knowledge. "Oné" is basically a placeholder word.

"Podaj mi to oné... pero."

"Give me that thing... the pen"

Slovak Slovakia

máš doma otroka?

Expression USED On Occasion BY Family, friends, teachers...

(do you have a slave at home?) • This is what you shout after someone (like a sibling or friend) didn't close the door when they should have.

"Máš doma otroka? Zavri tie dvere!"

"Do you have a slave at home? Close that door!"

Slovak Slovakia

vylez mi na hrb

Idiom USED Frequently BY Some People

(climb on my humpback) • "vylez mi na hrb" means "f*** you/piss off/i don't care..."

"Nevyniesol si smeti...Zase!" "Vylez mi na hrb!"

"You did not take out the trash...Again!" "Climb on my humpback!"


Slovak Slovakia

neťahaj ma za nos

Idiom USED Frequently BY Most People

(don't pull my nose) • "neťahaj ma za nos" means "don't mess with me/don't lie to me"

"Chlapci nemajú radi keď ich dievčatá ťahajú za nos"

"Boys don't like when girls pull their noses"



Slovak Slovakia

mám toho plné zuby

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(my teeth are full of it) • "mám toho plné zuby" means "I'm sick of it"

"Správaš sa ku mne ako k dieťaťu" "Mám toho plné zuby!"

"You treat me like a child." "My teeth are full of it!"


Slovak Záhorie, Slovakia


Word USED On Occasion BY Some People

(adv.) • Totally, completely, absolutely

"On je konc blbý!"

"He's totally stupid!"


Slovak Slovakia

vykašľať sa

Expression USED Very frequently BY Most People

(v.) • (to cough (on something)) • To let it be, to not do something.

"Mám chuť sa vykašľať na prácu!"

"I wish to cough on the work!"


Slovak Slovakia


Word USED On Occasion BY Young People

A lot (of something).

"Bolo tam mrte ľudí."

"There were a lot of people."



Slovak Slovakia

hodiť šabľu

Idiom USED Frequently BY Young People

(v.) • (to throw a sabre) • To vomit.

"Prišiel som z párty až nad ránom a bolo mi tak zle, že som okamžite musel hodiť šabľu."

"I came back from party early in the morning and I felt so bad so I had to throw a sabre immediately."



Slovak Slovakia

je dlhý ako týždeň do výplaty

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

(it's as long as the week before the payout) • Used when reffering to something that takes too much time, such as movie, journey etc.

"Cesta z Bratislavy do Košíc je dlhá ako týždeň do výplaty!"

"The roadtrip from Bratislava to Košice is as long as the week before the payout!"

Slovak East Slovakia, Slovakia


Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

(n.) • Means 'money', most likely originates from gypsy language.

"Máš nejaké lóve?"

"Do you have any money?"

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Slovak Slovakia

veľa šťastia

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Everyone

(a lot of luck) • Used in a situation when one wishes good luck to someone or in the song "Happy Birthday".

"Veľa šťastia na skúške!"

"A lot of luck on the exam!"

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