Catalan Spain

Déu n'hi do

Interjection USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(God gives it) • A Jack-of-all-trades to express admiration, surprise or importance, usually in situations where one wants to stress something happened above average, or one perceived it as such.

"Déu n'hi do com va ploure ahir" "Tens gana? Déu n'hi do!" "Déu n'hi do la cua que hi ha per comprar el nou Iphone"

"God gives it it rained yesterday" "Are you hungry? God gives it!" "God gives it there is a queue to buy the new iPhone"

Catalan Catalonia

s'ha acabat el bròquil

Expression USED Frequently BY everybody

(the broccoli is finished) • Enough is enough.

"Prou! S'ha acabat el bròquil! Tots a combregar!"

"Enough! The broccoli has finished! You all get back in line!"

Catalan Spain

filar prim

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Some People

(to spin thin) • To think out of the box considering all the details or to overthink.

"La pregunta és senzilla, no cal filar prim."

"The question is simple, don't think out of the box."


Catalan | Catalunya Spain

estem arreglats

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

(we are well dressed) • Expression used when you are on a trouble.

"Ens hem oblidat el passaport a casa i el vol surt en una hora, estem arreglades"

"We forgot the passport at home and our plane departs in one hour, we are well-dressed."

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Catalan | Mallorquí Mallorca, Spain

mos deim coses

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(we tell each other things) • It should mean "we'll be in touch", but when a Mallorcan person says it you may never see them again. It is quite common that they will never call you or you will never know anything about them since then.

“Vols anar a prendre un cafè la setmana que ve?”. “Sí, mos deim coses”.

“Do you want to grab a coffee next week?” “Yes, we tell each other things.”

Catalan | Mallorquí Mallorca, Spain

mesclar ous amb caragols

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(mix eggs and snails ) • It doesn’t refer to a recipe - we use it during a conversation when many differents subjects are being mixed together and have no correlation to each other.

“Què dius ara? No mesclis ous amb caragols!”

“What are you talking about? Don’t mix eggs and snails!”


Catalan Spain

hi ha més dies que llonganisses

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

(there are more days than sausages) • Used to indicate that there is still a lot of time left to do something.

-"Ai no, espera, demà tinc faena i no puc!" -"No patisques, n'hi han més dies que llonganisses."

-"Oh no, wait, I have work tomorrow, I can't!" -"Don't worry, there are more days than sausages."



Catalan | Meridional - Valencian Spain

estar pagat

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(to be paid) • To be satisfied with something. Can also be used in negative form (estar despagat, estar despagada - to not be payed) when you are not satisfied with something.

"Estic molt despagada amb els nous horaris."

"I am not very paid with the new schedule."

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Catalan Catalonia, Spain

la setmana dels tres dijous

Expression USED Frequently BY Older Generations

(the week of three Thursdays) • It is used when talking about something that won’t happen. A second possible ending to the expression is the rhyme "que la dotzena tindrà tretze ous" which means "when in a dozen eggs, there will be thirteen".

"Oí tant! Parlarem dels diners que vols que et deixi la setmana dels tres dijous."

"Yeah, yeah... we’ll talk about lending you money the week of the three Thursdays."


Catalan Catalonia, Spain

bufar i fer ampolles

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Older Generations

(to blow and make bottles) • It is used to reffer to something as being particularly easy to do. Similar to how the expresion "a piece of cake" is used.

"Aquest examen ha sigut com bufar i fer ampolles, aprovo segur!"

"This exam was like blowing and making bottles, I will pass for sure!"

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Catalan Catalonia, Spain

beure's l'enteniment

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(to drink up one's judgement) • To act illogically, in an unexpected or incomprehensible way. To be out of one's mind.

"No tens diners i et vols comprar un cotxe de 30.000€; t'has begut l'enteniment?"

"You don't have money and you want to buy a 30.000€ car, have you drunk up your judgement?"

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Catalan Catalonia, Spain


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(adj.) • (cool) • It is said when something good has happened.

"He aconseguit una beca." "Genial!"

" I got a scholarship." "That’s cool!"

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Catalan Catalunya, Spain

quatre gats

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(four cats) • Meaning only a few people.

“A la festa només hi havia quatre gats.”

“There were only four cats at the party.”

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