Dutch | Aalst Belgium

het leven is een soep

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Older Generations

(life is a soup) • Life is not easy.

"Het leven is een soep, al die miserie toch."

"Life is a soup, all these troubles."

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Polish Poland


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It has variety of meanings. Most often it is used as a colloquial way of saying "yes", it can also express understanding or agreement. For example "no nie!" ("no no!") can express disbelief, disappointment or even anger. It always depends on the context.

"Jesteś gotowy?" "No."

"Are you ready?" "No." (instead of "yes")

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Polish Poland

po ptakach

Idiom USED Frequently BY Most People

(after the birds) • It is used to say when something is over and there's nothing else we can do with it.

"Koncert jest wyprzedany. I po ptakach!"

"This concert is sold out. And after the birds!"

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Romanian Romania

a face mișto

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

it means mocking someone or something.

"Nu mai face mișto de mine!"

"Stop mocking me!"



Romanian Romania


Word USED Very frequently BY Young People

(adj.) • It is used when saying that something is cool.

"Când am mers la magazin am văzut un tricou mișto.”

"When I went to to shop I saw a cool t-shirt."

Romanian Romania and Moldova

nu e floare la ureche

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(it is not flower at the ear) • It can be used when describing something that is not easy.

"Trebuie să înveți pentru test, nu e floare la ureche."

"You have to study for the thest, it's not flower at the ear."

Spanish | European Spanish Spain

no es moco de pavo

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(it’s not turkey snot) • Something that is not easy to perform.

"Acabo de correr 30 kilómetros, que no es moco de pavo."

"I’ve just run 30k, which is no turkey snot."

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Portuguese Brazil

a vida não é um mar de rosas

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(life isn't a sea of roses) • A colloquial way of saying that life is not easy.

"Você achou que seria fácil? A vida não é um mar de rosas!"

"Did you think it would be easy? Life isn't a sea of roses!"

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Spanish Mexico


Word USED Very frequently BY Young People

To tear off, cut carelessly or amputate.

"¿Tienes alguna idea de cómo reducir la delincuencia?" "¡Tenemos que mocharle las manos a los ladrones!"

"Do you have any ideas on how to reduce crime?" "We have to cut off thieves hands!"

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Spanish West, Mexico

cargar a manchis

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young People

To carry someone on the back. Piggyback ride.

"Lucía se torció el tobillo y tuve que cargarla a manchis durante todo el recorrido por el museo."

"Lucía sprained her ankle and I had to carry her on my back for the entire tour of the museum."

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Spanish Honduras

Está yuca

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

When something is hard to do.

"Está yuca realizar la tarea, no le entiendo. "

"It's not easy to do this, I don't understand it."

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French France

La vie n’est pas un long fleuve tranquille

Expression USED On Very Rare Occasion BY Older Generations

(Life is not a long calm river) • To explain that life is not always easy.

"Tu sais, la vie n’est pas un long fleuve tranquille."

"You know, life isn't a long calm river."

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Romanian | Moldovan Moldova


Abbreviation USED In the past BY Almost Everyone

(thanks) • Internet slang abbreviation for "spasibo", meaning "thanks".

"Îmi place foarte mult rochia ta!" "Spasibo!"

"I really like your dress!" "Thanks!"


Romanian Romania and Moldova


Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(thanks) • Internet slang abbreviation for "mersi", meaning "thanks".

"Ieri am primit scrisoarea ta. Ms mult!"

"I received your letter yesterday. Thanks a lot!"


Spanish Mexico

No es enchílame esta

Reference USED On Rare Occasion BY Guetho

(It's not enchiladas ) • Life is not easy.

"No son enchiladas. Tendrás que aplicarte más."

"Those aren't enchiladas. You're gonna have to make an effort."


Polish Poland

życie to nie bajka

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(life's no fairytale) • It means life it's not easy and doesn't always go as planned.

"Mówię ci, życie to nie bajka."

"I'm telling you, life's no fairytale."


Spanish Argentina

no es soplar y hacer botellas

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(it isn't blowing and making bottles) • It means that something isn't easy.

"Acabamos de poner un local pero no nos está yendo tan bien." "Bueno, no es soplar y hacer botellas. ¿Qué pretendías?"

"We just opened a store but we're not doing so well." "Well, it isn't blowing and making bottles, what did you expect?"

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Romanian Romania and Moldova


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Everyone

(how are you?) • Internet slang abbreviation for "ce mai faci?", meaning "how are you?"

"Te-am văzut ieri în parc, dar erai ocupată. Ce mai faci? Este totul în regulă?"

"I saw you in the park yesterday, but you were busy. How are you? Is everything alright?"



Sicilian Sicily, Italy


Slang USED Very frequently BY Mostly guys

(n.) • Used to refer to a friend in his presence, like "buddy".

"Comu semu, mbare, tutt'a posto?"

"How are you, buddy, you all right?"

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Tagalog Philippines


Word USED Frequently BY Adults, Teens

Literally, it means "itchy", but it can also mean "horny" in certain contexts.

"Mukhang kating-kati ka ngayon ah."

"You look like you're really itchy right now."